Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Worn Out!!

Ok so Sharon and Kalen have been here just about a week now! I am worn out! For the past week I have been doing something and traveling somewhere on a daily basis! One week ago (WEDS) Renee and I went to Santa Barbara to pick up the Disneyland tickets I won from KRUZ 97.5! So since we were going anyway we decided to make a day of it! We had brunch there. Went to the Harbor and walked on the pier and collected shells on the beach before coming home and going to institute that night! Then of course I was working on some cleaning in my room and stuff and stayed up incredibly late for having to get up early on Thurs. So Thurs mornin comes around and I got up early and went to physical therapy. Left from there to LAX to get Sharon and Kalen and waited with them literally for 50 min before the baggage from their plane to FINALLY come to the claim area ( there was a flight that landed 40 min AFTER them that got their luggage the next claim over at the SAME time!! I think someone messed up something, somewhere!) so then we came home and surprised my Mom (THAT WAS FUN) and we pretty much had a mellow day and we went shopping that night! Gotta love Wal Mart. Then of course visiting and stuff we stayed up pretty late yet again and on Fri we all got up early for Disneyland! SO on Fri morning Sharon, Renee, my Mom, Kalen, Elijah, and myself hopped in the car for a fun filled day at the Happiest Place on Earth. Which was of course a little crowded and the dude in City Hall basically accused me of trying to just get to the front of the lines and questioned my need for a handicap pass! (that didnt make me very happy) But aside from going to CA Adventure we did ride all we wanted to, got to watch both the firework show and Fantasmic and had a great 12 hours there! So then Sat comes around and after sleeping in just a bit, we went to the street fair here in Simi! That was pretty fun! I entered a bunch of contests to win a bunch of free stuff.... and apparantly I either didnt win any of it or they have not done any of the contests I entered yet! :( So now onto Sun.... the day of rest! I was glad for that! I always love going to church and relaxing! Then we went and had dinner at my sisters house for Mothers Day! Pretty fun! I also did some reading in teh Chronicles of Narnia! Mon we stayed kinda mellow again, but we did go walk the grounds at the Reagan Library, took a bunch of pictures, developed some film at Costco and went shopping at the Good Will! It was a fun day! then I stayed up pretty late doing some Chronicles of Narnia reading! Tues morning I had physical Therapy, so Sharon and K waited in the car and played my Nintendo DS while waiting for me and after my 45 min or so pt appointment we drove to Santa Monica. We walked arounf the 3rd street promenade and did some shopping. Had lunch at Johnny Rockets and then walked over to the pier. We spent about 6 hours total in Santa Monica before getting back to the car and goign to Diddy Riese for some yummy cookies! (my favorite is the WHite Chocolate Macadamia Nut) so last night we were pretty dang tired! But I made sure to do some more Narnia reading :) SO then this morning we got up pretty early again (7am) and we got ready to go and we started our day visiting Gold COast Ambulance. We then traveled from there to make a quick stop at the KHAY radio station for my mom to pick up Disneyland tix she won the other night. We then travelled to Santa Maria and had lunch with an old friend. We went from there to the indian casino. I walked around with Kalen while my mom and Sharon gambled for about 40 min. Then Sharon stayed with K while my Mom and I went in. (yes I gambled but only a few bucks since I dont really like to gamble, and I played my little bit of winnings then was done) I was pretty bored for the time I was in there, but I knew my MOm wanted to be there so I stayed. Then we then went down the road to Solvang. We got there pretty close to 4ish. To start walking around and stuff and soon discovered that most of Solvang closes doors at like 5! UGH... but we walked around and stuff until about 7. Left there and went back to Port Hueneme to the navy base for Sharon and Kalen to visit a few friends there. Did some visiting, got some gas in teh car and a little dinner at like 10pm and were finally heading home! So now as I am typing this Sharon is packing her bags and sadly she is leaving in the morning! Its almost midnight and we have to leave for the airport at like 4am! Her flight leaves around 6am! Im going to miss her! BUt I am excited that after I get home from the airport I get to take a HUGE nap! :) Next week I get to go back to work! Exactly one week from today! YIPPEE... but before that I am going on Mon for 1 more DIsneyland trip! That will make it a total of 5 trips in the past 9 weeks while on disability! :) I lvoe that place!


  1. You still use film?

    Or was it that disposable one? That makes more sense.

    And good golly, Miss Molly, how many Disneyland tickets does your family win???

  2. it was a disposable camera that Kalen had been using... you know I have a digital1 silly betty!

  3. dang, girl! talk about a lot of funness! I wish I was there to have as much as you did! Ah, its ok though, I am gonna go visit ya'll soon and I get to have a cool fun mini-vacation at home.