Wednesday, May 21, 2008

First Day Back.....

Ok so I survived my first day back! It all started a little odd... I
got to work at 6:30 and was ready to go, when the dispatcher asked me
why Iwasn't there at 6am? I said because my shift starts at 6:30!
Anyways come to find out they changed the hours of my shift while I was
out of work and when they told me I was going back to my old shift they
forgot to inform me of the change in time. So I started out 30 min
late! Then I was introduced to Ryan....who is fairly new to the
company.Apparently he started just after I went out for my surgery and
so that was who I worked with today. Which is no big deal except
because he is new heisn't allowed to drive yet so on my first day back all I did was drive! So then while in Thousand Oaks transporting a patient I accidentally ran a red light... it was no big deal I didn't get caught and no body was coming through the intersection yet but I didn't slam on my brakes.... Oh and apparently
when my old partner (who I had when I left) switched shifts while I was
out she complained about the rig they were going to give her on the
other shift and she got my old rig so I spent the day in an old rig
that had an annoying buzzing/rattling sound coming from the back all
day long! UGH!! Anyways I didn't mind though because I loved being
back! I was smiling all day long. We ended up only running 3 calls and
were back in theNard and at the station basically for the whole second half of the shift so I did some reading, some napping, some nintendo DS... some more reading.... then we went and got fuel for the rig.... then I watched a little TV before getting off for the day!

I also got harassed a little because one of the gurney batteries in the rig I was on needed replaced and so Tony was like "what do you want me to do about it? You
mean you have only been back two days and are already braking stuff?" I
informed him I was only back for about 7 hours at the time not 2 days
and he got me the new battery! It was funny! Then I got called into
Mikes office.... he asked me if I want to do a 12 hourALS shift tomorrow! (ALS
means advanced life support... meaning working with a Paramedic doing
911 calls) so instead of 6am tomorrow I get to go in at 9am! Then back
to 6am on Fri and Sat! :) Tomorrow will be the true test of my knee
though because I wont have a hydraulic gurney so I actually have to do
squats and lift the gurney all day long.... hopefully it will beok! But overall today was great...except it having been a little slow! I get bored sometimes!

Well Renee is on her way over for a piano lesson.... SO I should probably
end this! But be sure to take a look at the little addition I added to
my blog entitled "Pizzadilla" It should make you smile!


  1. the Nard, ha ha, that's funny. And I like your pizadilla picture.

  2. So I was reading Veronica's blog and noticed your blog and thought "Wow, I have to check this out" and I am so glad I did! I am you are back at work and enjoying life. Have a super fantastic day!

  3. AND congrats on working over FIFTY hours your first week back. You're nuts. :o)

  4. thats soo funny. Sounds like something you would do. haha...