Saturday, May 10, 2008

Home away....

From home.... I have a few places I can consider to be my "home away from home" anytime
I am at church or at a church activity I feel at home. I love that when I am with members I can feel the spirit and be comfortable and relaxed. I don't have to impress anybody and I can just be myself. I love being able to learn and to grow and come closer to my Savior. This is nice and makes me happier. I know that I am a much better person because of it as well! Life is good when church is involved and the Spirit is present. This is also why I love serving in the Temple. Tuesdays and Sundays are my favorite days of the week sometimes because they help me prepare for the other days. They are the days that help me to be strong when I need to avoid arguing with my family, or keeps me from having road rage when I get cut off on the freeway. They help me to overcome the temptations that life can throw at me on a regular basis. They have been a strength in my life! I don't know where I would be or what I would be doing without them!
So place number two is work. I absoutely LOVE my job and since I have been out of work fro nearly two months I am missing it terribly! I cannot wait until I can go back. I love being able to help people for a living. I love the lessons that I can learn at work and the things that can help me in the future when I have a family of my own. When I am at work I feel at home. I know that I am doing the right thing and I know that I am in the right place. I love making a difference. I love seeing little children and being able to teach them about getting help when things go wrong. I don't see myself as a hero but I know that sometimes other people do.
So last but certainly not least... I love going to Disneyland. I know it can be expensive, I know it can be a hassle with the lines and sometimes annoying or interesting people and so forth. But I really do feel like Disneyland is a home away from home for me. I feel comfortable there. I can have fun and spend a day with friends and not be worried about bad influences, or about standing in unholy places. I don't have to be worried about being tempted by evil, there is a winery thing at CA Adventure but it isn't highly promoted or forced upon you, at both parks there are designated smoking areas so even that can be avoided! I have several friends with Annual passes like me and since we live close enough it can be enjoyed frequently but we are not so close that we go too frequently and over-do it. Its nice because I can ride one thing this trip and if I don't make it onto everything I dont feel dissapointed. Afterall I know I will be back. Another advantage to going regularly is that I know where all the bathrooms are! That comes in handy for me a lot! I love being in a place where happiness is promoted around every corner! I love that you see little children who get so excited to see characters like Mickey Mouse and Cinderella! It puts a smile evn on my face to see the characters and take a picture! Too bad I am too old for an autograph book :)
SO those are my homes away from home. Those are the places I love to be when I am not at home with my family. The places where I can get away and relax or rejuvenate when life gets stressful! Many people tell me they love that there is always a smile on my face and its easy to see why there is. Pretty much the only places I go away from home are church, the Temple, to work and to Disneyland. SInce I love all those places there is no need to be angry or to frown!


  1. Hey, thats cool what you wrote. I can totally relate with that the Church is home away from home. It was like that for me, a lot when I first became a member of the church because everybody was against my decision to be a member, and it stills feels that way now. Its just you are so much more closer to the spirit there than anywhere else, well, of course, you can feel it even more stronger in other places too. So, yeah, thats awesome!

  2. I can relate to your work being like a home... oh wait, that's because I work at home. :o)

    I feel the same way at Disneyland! Even though I hate crowds and am dismayed at the blatant commercialism, I still feel that overall, they're just trying to make people smile and have a good time. So I do. Plus, it's double the fun when you go with someone who makes you laugh.