Friday, May 16, 2008

Some thoughts....

So first off I just got back from watching the Chronicles of Narnia :Prine Caspian. Overall I enjoyed it. But I also must say that having just read teh book this week (finishing it earlier today even before going to the movie) I was kind of surprised at some of the changes that were made. but I know that it was to make the movie work better and be understandable. So it was good. I went to the midnight showing with my sister Deann, her boyfriend Aldo and my friend Renee. Although Deann likes sitting up top and Renee doesnt so we sat lower than Deann and Aldo. We ran into a few other friends there too so they sat with us. Anyways Deann went this afternoon to pre-purchase the tickets so we would have them and so I had Renee's ticket. So even though I told her it was only $7.50 (it was a costco ticket) she showed up with a $20 bill! Punk! She has been trying to give me gas money and we would fight over it. I told her I only had a couple dollars on me and I would have to give her change later. She said "don't worry about it, consider me buying your ticket so its like a date" I told her because we are always fighting abotu money and fighting over buying each other lunch or giving gas money etc that we are more like a married couple. So not only are we like twins, we can act like married folk sometimes! I also told her though that I hope our financial fights dont lead to divorce though because a lot of divorces happen because of financial reasons! She cracks me up! I am so blessed to have her as a close friend! I have learned so much from her lately! I love that she is home and will bea roudn for awhile!

So like I think I have mentioned in previous posts, Renee is also teaching me to play the piano. I am slowly improving. At least a little. I feel so grateful to her for her willingness to teach me. To put up with me in my lame-ness! I am glad she is a patient person! I know that even though she doesnt let it show I probably bug her sometimes when it comes to piano lesssons! In fact there have been a few times now that she will give me stuff to learn/practice and at our next lesson she tells me to continue with the same stuff! I just dont always get it! Maybe I should be better at asking questions if I feel I have them. Most of the time during the lessons I wont have any questions but then when I am practicing I feel so stupid sometimes and wonder about certain things.... There has been a few times when I have wanted to give up altogether! Don't tell my teacher but.... I've shed a few tears while practicing because I think I may never get it quite right. I wonder if I will ever be able to play with my fingers in the right places. To be able to really play both hands without looking at the keys for at least one hand! Sometimes even though I know them I still struggle sometimes at recognizing the notes when I look at it on the page. That of course makes me play slower and I get out of rythm, if in that song I am managing to play the notes in the proper rythm to begin with! I know practice makes perfect and I know that it takes time and I have only been learning for like a month and a half or so (maybe two months) but it feels like its been forever and that I am advancing slowly. I guess its kind of hard too sometimes because (maybe not intentionally) my Dad will make comments about me playing bnad or something and I think I let it bother me more than I should. In fact I am proud of myself for what accomplishments I have made thus far. I can do a lot more on the piano then I ever imagined! But then I look through the hymn book, or at other music books and I think I will nevre be able to play the things I see! I looked at the book of the musical score for the Nightmare Before Christmas and with the exception of a few parts here and there in various songs I wonder if I will make it to that level of playing. My teacher can play Chopin, and Mozart and Beethoven and I can barely manage "When the Saints go Marching In" which my Mom still says they march kind of slow! Well enough ranting about my piano skills....or so far lack there-of!

So for the few of you who have actually been reading my blog.... I hope that my post "Worn Out" didnt leave anyone with the wrong impression. I have truely enjoyed my activities for the past week or so! I have loved all the places I have been and the things I got to do. I have the best friends in the world! I have learned so much and have been so blessed to be able to have the time to do those things. It has been a pretty exhausting week but if I had the chance to do it over again I would in a heartbeat! I miss Sharon and Kalen already! I cannot believe its been almost 2 years since she started working at Gold Coast and became my partner! We bonded instantly and I have never regretted it! I also cannot believe its been like 4 years since I first met Renee and I think I neglected the time we knew each other before. She has so much to offer and we have grown so close these past 4-5 months or so since she has been home from her mission, and I wonder what I couldve learned from her before, had I kept in better touch when she went away to school, and I regret not writing her more on her mission. I keep telling her that if I would've wrote her every time I thought about writing she probably would've had so many letters she wouldn't have known what to do with them all! Anyways I also have so many other amazing friends that I couldn't live without.... Angela, Veronica, adn so many more but its too hard to name everyone! But know that I love them all! I have so much love and respect for my friends and I know that I am blessed! I know that Heavenly Father is watching out for me! I am thankful for that!


  1. Elegyrl, here is a secret:

    I often sneak peaks at my hands when I play. Obviously it's not for long, just a glance to make sure they're in the right place, but I usually don't play without looking entirely.

    Here's another secret:

    I often mix up the notes and think that an A is a C or an E is a G, especially when reading leger lines.

    And one more:

    Shedding tears is a natural part of the learning process.

    And just in case you didn't know, you're doing really well. Don't give up! And ask questions, whether in your lesson or not. It's not like you don't know my phone number. :o)

    Thanks for your great blog.

  2. what she saids! I know when I practice I do the same thing, when I was doing pretty good, not well, but alright, I would do the same thing and check.

    Don't give up. Keep practicing.

    Don't discourage yourself. Yeah, its all about practicing AND having patience, it doesn't take over night to become pro status.

    I know I'm not pro status in a lot of things but I always try and try again to get there.

    Good luck and don't let what other's say be the reason why you won't do whats best for you!!

    Love ya lots! Your doing great girly!!