Sunday, May 18, 2008

Not so bad.....

OK so I know I am always talking about how bad I am doing on learning piano, but when I really think about it, Im not so bad. I am definately not so great yet either. But I am just a student afterall and havent been playing long. So I am proud of where I am and what I am learning. I need to be more positive about it. I have realized though that some songs I seem to understand easier. That this song I am currently learning about Mary sifting sand.... it kinds stinks big time (at least when I play it) but Clementine...she's my darling! :) I am really starting to learn the notes, to be able to play a little faster because I am not spending as much time trying to count/ figure out which note comes next. So thats exciting for me! Now I just need to continue working on my fingering and chords! Oh and that whole issue of playing both hands at once...Im still a little sticky there too but its all good! Afterall I have an amazing teacher with a lot of patience so its great!

So today (well I guess technically yesterday since it's after 2 am) I got to go see Mamma Mia. It was incredible. I just recently learned (from the preview for the upcoming movie) that Mamma Mia is based on ABBA songs. Which I don't know very many of, other than Dancing Queen which I think is universally known! So anyways I got a call at 8:30 am that something came up and Renee's parents weren't going to be able to go and she was wondering if I would care to join her in seeing it? So I said sure! I am really glad I did. I had a lot of fun and it was a fun story. Renee and I discussed some stuff after like the ending and some little things we noticed from it that could've been done a little different but it was great! I don't want to really say some of the things we think could have been better because I don't want to give the story away but overall it was good. I mean I bought the soundtrack so I had to of enjoyed myself! I may even pick up an Abba CD next time I am CD shopping if I see one!

Well I should be off to bed! But first I gotta clean it off... I put a bunch of stuff on it earlier that needs to be put away. So then I went to practice piano. I figured if I cleaned first I would neglect the practicing, so I thought if I practiced first I would still have to clean off my bed to sleep in it... but then when I was done practicing my sister was watching a movie and I sorta joined her, then dosed off to sleep. So then when I woke up I switched over my laundry and came to my room.... and of course I am online again and my bed is still a mess! But now I am even more so tired and so I will probably re-locate the mess to my chair and worry about it tomorrow after church! Ugh to me! I really hate having my room be messy and even more-so I hate when I don't make it a priority to clean it! I only have myself to blame! But what-ev! Goodnight!

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  1. I do that same thing sometimes--like I'll put my laundry in a pile on my bed and think, "Ha! Now I'll HAVE to fold it!" But I've discovered that at the end of the day it's actually easier to throw the laundry back in the basket on the floor than to fold it. I guess I'm just not tricky enough for myself.

    I'm glad you liked Mamma Mia. It was fun.