Friday, July 24, 2009

New Post....

I know I haven't posted in awhile! It wasn't for lack of wanting to post it's just been crazy lately! I do have a few things I want to post about and even pictures to add to those posts.... So I will have to try and do that soon! I keep meaning to but keep not getting to! Partly because I have to upload my mom's camera pictures to my computer for at least some of the stuff I wanna share!

On a different non-picture blog related note I am almsot done with my summer semester of school. I have my finals on Mon for both my history classes. So far I am getting an A in both classes. I am pretty excited about that too because I had kinda messed up in my Trig class awhile back and it kinda dropped my gpa a bit :( so now I am bringing it back up again! I haven't signed up for any classes yet for the fall because I am looking for work right now and since I don't know where I will be working yet or what my days or hours will be I don't want to schedule any classes yet. That and the fact I don't have money to pay for any classes if I do register for them! so ummm yeah for right now it is a waitin game for school. But after these two history classes are done I will only need a 3 unit physical science class and a 1.5 unit health ed class and I will be done with my requirements for my associates degree with an emphasis on humanities!!! I could also take one more 3 unit science class for the emphasis to be on sciences but I think I'd be ok with humanities!!! Either way it will be great to say I did get at least one degree in college! Even if it did take me this long! Well I shall be off now! Gotta get some sleep so I can watch my nephews tomorrow! I will try and post pictures and share my other events soon!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cry In the Shower....

This is a new poem, I started probably a month or so ago and just now finished it. I know it doesn't flow completely well... but I never said I was a professional poet or anything so deal with it!!!!

It’s easy to cry in the shower
The water washes away the tears

You’ll wash away the dirt from the day
You’re left with the hurt and fears

You wonder what to do?
What’s your next action?

You cry in the shower.
Without life’s distraction.

The warmth brings you comfort
The water brings a peace.

Some relief from the hurt.
A moment to be at ease

Life’s full of change,
That is constant and true

No matter the change
You’re either happy or blue

Some sing in the shower
Hum a happy tune

I cry in the shower
Wanting to start anew.

Life in the shower
Is simple and plain

It clears your body
Your mind and your soul

You wonder what you need
So you can feel whole

I often cry in the shower.
It’s time all alone

I choose the shower
The time is all mine

Once cleansed in the shower
You go on with your day

You start all anew
New dirt gets in the way

New pains and new fears
New hurt and new tears

The next time I shower
I’m ready to cry

I’ll cry in the shower
I’m not gonna lie.

It’s okay for me
It clears my head

Leaves me feeling better
Or ready for bed

So cry in the shower
I’m telling you

When you cry in the shower
You’ll be at peace too.


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Heart Attacking

When I was younger I did a lot of am not really sure the correct way to type that... tee pee is a tent... I guess I could've gone the long route and put toilet papering, but nobody ever calls it that, they say t-p-ing) Anyway I have always thought that was a fun way to let someone know you were thinking of them. Or something of that sort. I have always done it to people I knew and as I got older instead of doing houses I got into the habit of cars,with my friend A. We could sometimes get 4 or 5 people in one night! It was so much fun! We were quite the pros! Every now and again if we really loved you we would even saran wrap it! (takes a lot of saran wrap though) But since I have been in the church I have learned of something else... heart attacking. Now of course I know what a real heart attack is when the heart muscles start to die etc etc... I've dealt with that at work. But to heart attack (in case you don't know) you cut out a bunch of hearts from paper and maybe write on them and stick them on a door or car or what ever to express your love.

This week I decided I wanted to heart attack a guy friend. I will call him Caleb ;-) so a friend of mine S. came over and helped me cut out hearts. We also looked in some books I have and online and found some inspirational sayings, some funny sayings, some friendship quotes, and then a few just everyday stuff like "have a great day" and "smile" etc, even a few jokes or one-liners to make it fun. I wasn't doing it as a romantic thing per-say but again just to let him know he was being thought about.

So I had the hearts and I was ready for the attack. So last night I asked my friend A. if she would be interested in going with my for the attack. She said sure and that she had her niece H. and H's friend K. with her. I said as long as they're quiet that was fine with me. We went about 12:30 and upstairs in the front of the house there was a light on. We decided to wait and come back. We went to a local quarter arcade and played some games and went back around 1:30. The light was still on but it looked like the blinds were now shut. We were hesitant but decided to go for it. We got a few hearts on the car when from over the fence we hear "what the f*$@ are you doing?" we bolted for the car. Our hearts pounding! We get in and A. asked H where her keys were because they weren't in the ignition! As it turns out she had put them on the seat, so as A is trying to get her keys I am crouching down as low as I can into the car so I am not seen if whoever was yelling was coming out in case it was my Caleb. I knew he wouldn't recognize the other girls but he would know me in a second. The nice thing was he wouldn't know her car though! So she gets the keys and we drove off having barely put any hearts on the car. We went to the donut shop and they all got milk and donuts. We sat there as they ate/drank than we decided to do a drive by and see if the hearts were still there. This time I laid down in back so I was hidden. The hearts were gone :(
I was told by another friend that Caleb does have family in town and that he has a brother in the military and so it was likely the brother that caught us. I don't know for sure. I also don't know if he even knows of our heart attacking or not. But I was pretty scared this morning. Oh and I forgot to mention I thought I heard my name as I was running for the car... but that might have been my subconscious speaking in the fear! I don't really know. But it seemed like I got a lot more text messages this morning than normal and every time my phone rang I was afraid it might be him! So tonight I was feeling kinda adventurous and asked A if she was up for a re-run! We went back and the lights were all off now but the car is still basically under a street lamp... we hesitated but we went anyway. My flip flops seemed kinda loud so I took them off near the back of the car. We started our second "attack". We got more hearts on this time and as I was trying to get some tape on the window for A to stick the heart on she took off running so as I was starting to run I realized I didn't have on my flip-flops so I grabbed them and ran. We drove off... after the fact she said she thought she heard something again and that it looked like a light went on in the garage. Anyway I don't think I will be making any more attempts on Caleb's car. So then we still had a bunch of hearts left. We decided we could find someone else to get. We went by my friends house and got a couple on her car and heard someone say something about hearing a noise... so we bolted, we were going to try a friend of hers, but she couldn't remember which street they lived on. Than we went to one of the missionary apartments to leave some on the front door. As we were walking up the steps one creaked... so we bolted.... So we decided to go to another friend of hers and when we pulled up they were in the garage hanging out!!!! SO much for that one! So it seemed like we had better luck with the TP than with heart attacking! We pretty much got caught every time! After that we gave up for tonight!

I still had a bunch of hearts left so when we got to her house and she went inside I got out of my car and left the rest of the hearts on hers! I don't know if she heard me or not. I am hoping not so that she gets a nice surprise in the morning! It was a fun 2 days of attempted heart attacking, and I guess potentially a couple people will get a few hearts to find in the morning! I did kinda do a drive by at Caleb's tonight and the hearts were still there so I think because of last night (it was scary...) she was a little paranoid.. not that we shouldn't be. But this time maybe Caleb will see some hearts on his car and know he was thought of! Or maybe he will have known of the few from last night and know that he was thought of twice in a row... I don't really know. I don't know that he knows or will know it was me. I am kind of hoping not because I don't know how he is going to react or how he reacted before (if he knew) so I guess I will find out at the bbq/pool party later! Well I should be gettin to bed! Just so you know... I don't plan on doing any more heart attacking for awhile!!