Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cry In the Shower....

This is a new poem, I started probably a month or so ago and just now finished it. I know it doesn't flow completely well... but I never said I was a professional poet or anything so deal with it!!!!

It’s easy to cry in the shower
The water washes away the tears

You’ll wash away the dirt from the day
You’re left with the hurt and fears

You wonder what to do?
What’s your next action?

You cry in the shower.
Without life’s distraction.

The warmth brings you comfort
The water brings a peace.

Some relief from the hurt.
A moment to be at ease

Life’s full of change,
That is constant and true

No matter the change
You’re either happy or blue

Some sing in the shower
Hum a happy tune

I cry in the shower
Wanting to start anew.

Life in the shower
Is simple and plain

It clears your body
Your mind and your soul

You wonder what you need
So you can feel whole

I often cry in the shower.
It’s time all alone

I choose the shower
The time is all mine

Once cleansed in the shower
You go on with your day

You start all anew
New dirt gets in the way

New pains and new fears
New hurt and new tears

The next time I shower
I’m ready to cry

I’ll cry in the shower
I’m not gonna lie.

It’s okay for me
It clears my head

Leaves me feeling better
Or ready for bed

So cry in the shower
I’m telling you

When you cry in the shower
You’ll be at peace too.



  1. OH MY GOSH! You just revealed your secret identity to millions of online readers. I can't believe it.

    I've often maintained that the shower is the ideal location in which to cry, if you can't have the arms of a good sister or friend in which to do it. No one can hear you, and no one can tell when you get out. Perfect.

  2. Beautiful Renee. I love it. Keep on writing, your a wonderful poet.

  3. Ditto.


    Thanks for being such an amazing friend!