Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Windy Emotions

Feeling unsure of myself
Not knowing what to think
Regular changes on the shelf
Pushing me to the brink

My emotions like the wind
Constantly blowing by and by
I know it’s not the end
They’ll continue to soar and fly

It seems like once I get myself grounded
Something sweeps me off my feet
Happens again before I’ve rebounded
Making things feel incomplete

Funny when I already know
Something isn’t what it seems
When I have to let it go
I need to release the dream

Always easier said than done
Ignoring all of those feelings
So then, what is to become
From all my emotional dealings

Crazy when it’s wrong
When yet it seemed so right
Like my favorite song
Stuck in my head all night

I want to move on thru
The breeze just brings me back
Trying to find something new
I just get blown off track 

I want to stop the breeze
Or at least remove the chill
It doesn’t come with ease
But I want it still

My emotions keep on changing
It’s a natural part of life
So I’ll keep rearranging
Take each day in strife

Wind and emotions are the same
Felt, and not always seen
Keeping calm is the aim
It keeps our character clean

The winds just keep on blowing
Flowing thru the sky
I hope it keeps me growing
I want to soar and fly

When the winds are under control
They keep us moving along
With my emotions under control
It helps me to become strong

I cannot let them overtake me
I know what I need to do
Watch, wait and see
I will make it thru

The winds will settle down
My emotions will someday too
The winds come and go around
Emotions are like the wind, who knew?