Monday, November 12, 2012


I have so much to be thankful for. Not just because it's November and Thanksgiving is coming up. I think that it is important to always count our blessings. To regularly thank Heavenly Father for the things he has given us. But I really do feel blessed beyond measure lately. I haven't been completely wonderful and happy but so far I know that I am doing alright!

I got the keys for my new place on Oct 18th and although I was able to "move-in" at that time I wasn't packed and ready to go and without my roommate Krissy being here it also meant there were a few important items I would have been missing if I had, one being a refrigerator. I did start moving some stuff though. I emptied my items out of storage and put them into the garage. I also started moving smaller less needed items. I moved my games and then my DVDs. I brought over my extra blankets and sweaters (it was still hot anyway) and little stuff like that. Then when Krissy was going to be coming down I talked to my Bishop (who also happens to be my Home Teacher at church) and arranged for him and a few other guys to help me move. I had been sick and that didn't help much but it did mean since I wasn't able to go to work I could pack a little. Being sick I didn't have the energy to get a lot done but I was working on stuff.

We officially moved in on the 26th! Then on the 28th the landlord came over and we signed our lease and gave him the first month rent check for Nov! These past two weeks have been interesting. We've been unpacking boxes and getting things put away. Finding homes for places and getting adjusted to each other and this space! It's great and we both love it but we didn't seem to realize the lack of closets (other than in the bedrooms) there are a few closet doors we had seen but until we were here we didn't know they are where the furnace and water heater are. So we've been improvising. We still really do love it here and it's going well.

I love being "on my own" obviously I have a roommate but mostly it's nice to have a quiet place to come home to. It's nice not feeling the stress and contention I had at my parents house. It's great to be able to park in a garage and just chill out. I miss my dog Medic since he didn't move with us (he could've but with the stairs and since he is getting older after talking it over with my mom we decided it's better to leave him there. Plus here there is no yards, less running around space and my nephews would miss him too & a few other things) I do have my rabbit Simba and my turtle though. Krissy has her dog Lexie here. But even that's not the same as if Medic were here. I know I made the right decision in leaving him but tonight I was over there and he kept laying his head on my lap and stayed close to me. I know he misses me just as much as I miss him!

Only hard part is that my paycheck with my "voluntary demotion" was a lot less than i was expecting so money is going to be tight. In fact it already is but that is one of the things that I am thankful for. So far despite the tight reins on my funds I am doing ok for this month. My family is really looking out for me and I was able to sell some extra furniture etc. so i'm hanging in there. I think that although it'll still be tough in the next few months too it will be a little bit easier. Unlike this month when we had to go stock a fridge and purchase cleaning supplies, a living room lamp & etc. I can budget a little better my finances. I will be able to know how much I can and cannot spend or where I need to adjust so that I can. Life is going to be tricky that way but it's still such a blessing.

I also have two potential job opportunities coming up. I had an oral interview last week with Glendale Fire Dept and depending on how I was scored/ranked I hopefully will get a second Chief's interview and go into backgrounds. If not I also have a Glendale Police Dept interview this week and it's the same thing, depending on my score/rank I can go into a secondary interview and potentially backgrounds etc. If I get one of those positions I won't start until early next year sometime but it would be a blessing for sure. I would be making more than before my demotion and I know it would be a better situation. I also know already I would love what I would be doing. I would really love to get back into dispatch. I do like the West Valley CHP office and I have gotten so familiar with my job I keep finishing and getting caught up so that I am helping the other girls or just kinda there because I am bored. It's nice to feel competant! From what i've heard the girl who was there before me had been doing it so long and everything was disorganized and cluttered. They say she never really caught up but worked at her own pace and it kept her busy... I think that it's important to work hard and even in trying to slow down i still finish early several days a week it seems. I know that is a blessing. I am thankful that I have a job, but am still hopeful to advance. Although I will miss CHP if I leave! I also applied for a dispatcher job at the Ca Science Center. I called last week and they haven't scheduled interviews or anything yet, but potentially that could be more money than CHP too, and I think it would be fun to work there. To get to see things like the Space Shuttle Endeavor everyday at work and the travelling exhibits and stuff! That would be pretty cool I think! I could also commute via the metrolink and so I would be able to save money on gas, and wear and tear for my car! It would also mean alone time to read etc instead of driving in traffic and so I could utitlize the advantages of public transportation.

Anyway I know there is a lot more to be thankful for. I know that I am thankful for many, many blessings in my life and these are but a few. But I wanted to write them down! I have a gratitude journal that I was doing so well in writing in daily but have been slacking lately. It's nice to recognize everyday the things in our lives that come from Heavenly Father. I know that even when times are tough he is looking out for me! I have seen it in many ways lately!