Friday, July 24, 2009

New Post....

I know I haven't posted in awhile! It wasn't for lack of wanting to post it's just been crazy lately! I do have a few things I want to post about and even pictures to add to those posts.... So I will have to try and do that soon! I keep meaning to but keep not getting to! Partly because I have to upload my mom's camera pictures to my computer for at least some of the stuff I wanna share!

On a different non-picture blog related note I am almsot done with my summer semester of school. I have my finals on Mon for both my history classes. So far I am getting an A in both classes. I am pretty excited about that too because I had kinda messed up in my Trig class awhile back and it kinda dropped my gpa a bit :( so now I am bringing it back up again! I haven't signed up for any classes yet for the fall because I am looking for work right now and since I don't know where I will be working yet or what my days or hours will be I don't want to schedule any classes yet. That and the fact I don't have money to pay for any classes if I do register for them! so ummm yeah for right now it is a waitin game for school. But after these two history classes are done I will only need a 3 unit physical science class and a 1.5 unit health ed class and I will be done with my requirements for my associates degree with an emphasis on humanities!!! I could also take one more 3 unit science class for the emphasis to be on sciences but I think I'd be ok with humanities!!! Either way it will be great to say I did get at least one degree in college! Even if it did take me this long! Well I shall be off now! Gotta get some sleep so I can watch my nephews tomorrow! I will try and post pictures and share my other events soon!

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