Tuesday, August 4, 2009

'bout time!

So I know I am late in posting! I meant to post forever ago and I am actually really glad I had written on a post-it what I was meaning to blog because I had forgotten so I needed to find my post it! I guess since there are those 3 things plus new stuff I will make shorter notes on them all to keep it short.
So a few weeks ago I finally got to enjoy the first mandarin from my tree. It had gotten as big as it was going to get and was getting more and more pretty in color by the day. I was kinda checking it from time to time, loosely touching it to see if it was ready to be picked and it wasn't coming off. So I was patiently waiting. Than one morning I was in class when my Mom texted me. She asked me if I had picked my mandarin and I responded that I had not. We couldn't find my poor little mandarin. It was kinda sad really :( but than I don't remember if it was later that night or the next day my sister found it somewhere. It turns out that my nephew Elijah had picked it. I peeled it's tiny little peel off and looked at the tiny little segments I was left with. I shared my tiny little mandarin with everyone. It was really sweet and pretty good. At least I think it was... it was so little I probably could've eaten the whole thing in one bite! I do have many more growing on my tree. So far they are all smaller than the first one. But so far they haven't started changing color yet so maybe they will become bigger than the first one was. I may even get to share whole tiny mandarins with my family this time instead of segments since I actually have many growing!

So in addition to the mandarin's growing on my tree I also recently was lucky enough to get my friend D to come over and help me install a ceiling fan in my bedroom. Several years ago my parents had purchased fans for our rooms but they were never installed. It has been sitting in the closet since than waiting for the perfect moment. Since Nov or so when I switched into the back bedroom again I have been missing the fan (there was one in the other room) and I was wanting to get it installed, especially since it had been so hot lately and it seemed like my room was the worst of it. Probably because I am in the back corner of the house and so I have 2 walls that soak up the afternoon sun! UGH! So he came over and checked a few things out, measured the length of wire we needed etc and we made a trip to the local Home Depot. We gathered the supplies and a few hours later I had a fan again! Woohoo! It's incredible. It really does help keep my room a lot cooler in the daytime. I still use my window fan at night to draw in the cool outside air and all day long the ceiling fan keeps the temerature down! It's incredible. The funny thing about my ceiling fan was after Dhad left I was readin on the box, I had known (as I mentioned) that my parents bought the fan several years ago but I couldn't remember exactly when. This was what the side of the box says:

If you cannot read it it says: "Elegant and efficient: Fan operates on less than ! cent per hour* *based on 1987 national average rate of 7.94cent per kilowatt hour. Actual cost may vary based upon local electric rates." ----I don't know if 1987 was when my parent purchased the fans but it couldn't have been too far after that because I'm pretty sure they update the studies pretty often for energy usage :) A few days after D installed my fan I went over and babysat his kids so he and his lovely wife A could go to dinner and a movie, It felt like a nice way to say thanks for what he did for me!
Also recently in my life, as you know about my heart attacking adventures... I was recently "attacked" as well. It wasn't so bad really. In fact it wasn't even hearts. I was woken up one Sun morning by my sister Rhonda who said "someone wrote all over your car". I got up and grabbed my glasses and checked what happened. They had tied toilet paper on all the door handles, wiper blades and the antenna. Then on all the windows were the names of Disney Characters. The back window said "A Whole New World" It was pretty cool. The only that kind sucked about it was on Fri I had washed and waxed my whole car!!! So I was hoping it would wash off pretty easy and it did! Thankfully! Although I wasn't too thrilled about washing all my windows again! :)

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  1. Wow, a 20-year-old fan. That's amazing. That makes me feel better about some of my unfinished projects, you know? :o) That's cool about your mandarin. You'll have to keep us updated!