Friday, August 14, 2009

Euflexxa Part 2

... Well Mon was my third and final Euflexxa shot for this round. I am hoping it is my final knee shot period.... but we shall see. This time since Adam was out of town (he is visiting family in Wisconsin for his parents anniversary) Dr Davis gave me the shot. Sorry for the disappointment but there are no pictures. I can say however that it hurt a lot. It was again a super strong pressure and I think as he injected me I made a sound and he questioned me. I told him it was because fo the pressure but I really thought I was going to cry. As I left limping (like normal) I barely made it out of the dr office and across the hall to the bathroom. I got inside and paused a moment. I took a few deep breaths and went to a stall to take care of business. I think I managed to not cry although I was uncomfortable. For the most part it settled down a little while later and that evening although slightly uncomfortable I wasn't in as much pain as last week which is good~!

ANyway my next follow up appointment is on Sept 21st. It is 6 weeks from the 3rd injection. In the meanwhile I went on Weds for a new knee brace. They had one that fit me but it wasn't the complete kind Dr Davis wanted so they ordered that size but with the hinged sides. It came in today (technically yesterday since it's after midnight) but I was in Ventura at the fair. So I will pick it up in the morning. It's not the brace I've been told about for activities post acl reconstruction but it is a support brace. I had asked Dr Davis about that activity brace and he said he wanted me to wait more. I asked him about getting a new neoprine brace, I told him mine was pretty worn out and the velcro didn't hold anymore. I assured him I wasn't wearing it frequently but usually just if I knew I would be doing more walking since that is what aggravates it still. So that's what it is. Except it's got "hinges" on the sides of the knee instead of just the support bars. So I hope it is not too awkward and uncomfy! I will need it for Sat! :) Well I should be getting to bed soon. I have lots to do tomorrow.

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  1. So how's the new brace working out, eh? I'm sorry you have to have all those injections. I would cry for sure, no question.