Sunday, May 18, 2008


I remembered last night a story I once heard in a church meeting. But since I had literally just finished my last blog. As well as moving my bedroom mess from the bed to the chair... so I didnt get back online. Anyways this is the story:

One day this lady woke up and when she looked in the mirror she only had 3 strands of hair on her head. She said "I think I am going to braid my hair today" and that was what she did and she had a great day. So the next morning she wakes up again and looks in the mirror and she only had 2 strands of hair. She said "I think I am going to part my hair in the middle today." So she did and she had a great day. The next day comes and she has only one hair on her head. She says "I think I will put my hair into a ponytail today" she did and she had a great day. The next morning she wakes up completely bald. She looked in the mirror and said "good I don't have to do my hair today" She had a great day. SO obviously the moral of the story is that it is all about perspective. Any day can turn out to be bad or good. the lady could have been upset about losing her hair but instead she found a way to turn each thing into a positive. We all need to do this with things in our life that look like they could be negative if we take the time to look into the mirror we can find a way to be happy about it.


  1. I have a great fear of going bald. If I woke up with only three hairs I would buy a wig.

    But that's true about perspective, too.

  2. Renee Michelle, yeah, its not fun going bald.

    The only reason why I say that, its because I was taking lots of pills, to keep me going, and trying to get my health back together again. Hard, at first I would cry myself to sleep. But I gradually, began to be appreciative for what I did have. Cancer, is a deadly thing but you know something that you learn is how important it is to live and to become appreciative of all of the things that you've got.

    It puts your life in perspective. Wigs are annoying, so I decided that I would just learn to accept, not the easiest things to do, but it came eventually. The Lord has a way to teach his children things that it is pretty amazing.

    He works in mysterious ways. Who is to say that we are not indebted to him? Oh, but we are. He has given us a lot. We must needs be grateful for it all and give back for what we can and do it willingly for we can be blessed. And how awesome it is to be able to receive those rich blessings! Well, thank you so much for sharing your thought, Renee. It was awesome!