Saturday, May 3, 2008

My second post....

OK so this one probably wont be as exciting as the first. If you even considered the first to be exciting. I don't know what I should be writing and in fact I should be preparing my relief society lesson and not even writing at all so um yeah. But I wanted to say how amazing my friends are! I have a lot of close friends and some other friends, and a lot of acquaintances...and I learn constantly from each of them. A couple friends in particular lately have really inspired me by their own personal blogs for me to write my own. Hence why I am here... Its kind of like my own online journal with less personal thoughts than what I normally write in my journal (which I dont write in nearly as often as I should). But I have learned that it doesnt completely matter what you share as long as you are willing to share it with the online world! I love that one of my friends is constantly sharing her testimony, in letters and on the phone and in her blog! She is an amazing example to me of a true convert! Another one of my friends shares questions she has, or interesting things she has heard and really cool stories of dreams and experiences. These two friends I love to spend time with and I love the examples they are to me. I love that no matter what, they can and will be themselves! That they are genuine and I love that! I love that I can be myself around them. The crazy person that I am. They along with many others have helped me to realize who I am and who I want to be! It's cool! ANyways onto my lesson now! Just wanted to share my online thanks to a couple cool chicks who should know who they are.... just incase I will give them hints.... one is like my twin in a lot of senses and one abandoned me :)


  1. Hey, ya know. I am sorry, I didn't mean to abandon you. I miss you and everyone I know from home. But it really has been a great experience here. And I'm still going strong. I hope that you can too, to continue going strong. You are a wonderful friend, and a great sister! Sister's in Zion all the way!! Woot! Woot! Anywho, you are amazing! I love that we have such great funny crazy moments together. They are the best!!

  2. Well, let me just say I am glad that I am the one who is your twin and not the one who abandoned you! ;o)

    And guess what? Ditto to all that.

    Except you know what else? You can't be yourself around me. That's just not good enough. You have to be sneaky no-caller-i.d.-stalker-prank-caller besides your normal wonderful self. I prefer just elegyrl better. Keep being yourself. You are beautiful. :o)