Monday, May 5, 2008

Dang it....

OK so last night I remember lying in bed (I did a lot of that yesterday since I wasn't feeling well) anyways I was thinking that I should get up and write a blog. It was about whatever it was I was thinking about. But since I wasn't feeling well I didn't write it, nor did I write down even a few of my thoughts so that I would blog them later. Now (as I knew I probably would) I am regretting my decision to ignore my thoughts~ because of course as you probably guessed I have forgottnen them all together! Man I know it would have been an amazing blog too! I guess I can kinda blame it on the illness! Which I am glad to say was pretty much a one day thing! But I have learned blogging is like my dreams... I rarely remember my dreams when I wake up and so I know that if I want to remember them I need to write them down as soon as I am awake or its gone forever! So I need to do the same with blogging!
So my relief society lesson worked out. Mostly because Emily was prepared. I said a few things but I wasnt feeling well and I pretty much cried the whole time (common for me) and so I don't even know if anyone understood me or if I made any sense! I am glad that we were co-teaching though because like I said I wasn't prepared, and since I wasnt feeling well it worked out in both degrees! So ummmm yeah...
So I learned something about myself tonight.... or have decided on something... I enjoy cooking and quite frequently enjoy trying to make new things and using new recipes. I also enjoy to bake and so again I often bust out my cookbooks and try to bake something new. Well a couple months ago I decided to try making lemon meringue pie. It ended up being lemon meringue soup. The meringue worked well (except it did shrink...ugh) but the lemon didnt set!!! I was so upset and vowed never to try that again! At least not anytime soon and not for dessert when feeding several guests! So that was that. So tonight as I was feeding guests again, one of them requested banana cream pie for dessert. I busted out the cookbook and the recipe was made quite similar to a lemon meringue pie and even suggested using a meringue top. But it also stated you could use whipped cream instead of meringue (whew!) so then I went shopping and stuff... it was getting kinda late and so I got some bana cream pudding/pie mix to use instead to save time. I followed the 3 easy steps on teh side of the box and attempted to make the pies.... they didnt set! So again I served soup instead of pie for dessert! Now I have baked a lot fo cool stuff and decorated some amazing looking cakes.... I can do cheesecake and pumpkin pie... but apparantly other "cream based" pies and I don't get along! So I dont think I will be trying anything like that EVER again! Or at least not any time soon!
At least my dinner and salsa turned out great... if I do say so myself! I fed a total of 14 adults and 4 kids so I feel pretty good about myself. Except of course for the pie thing! Then my twin helped me with dishes and we played some nintendo. Well first we played a lil mario kart on the super nintendo and she whooped my tailgate to shreds! Man i am gonna have to practice that one more often before we do that again! Then we played the regular nintendo. I must say I dominated the wrestling, the tetris and the circus troupe games! I have a lot more experience on those though so I think she was at a disadvantage there! But I learned she is quite a competitive chick! I sitll love her though!
Then it was on to a little piano practice.... I still cant get my rythems down... although it might help if I had taken more time to practice than I have.. I think Ive gotten a little better though. But I am kinda struggling on my newest songs! I hope my teacher doesnt get too frustrated with me at my next lesson! I havent practiced as much as I would like but even so I wish I was doing better! Since my relief society lesson was on individual worth and knowing our own worth I wont say what I want to now about how I feel like a loser sometimes when I am practicing and struggling! But I know its all in time! I just gotta keep going! Well its getting late and this blog is getting long! TTFN!


  1. Elegyrl, you crack me up!

    1. Your RS lesson was excellent, and you didn't cry the whole time and we could understand you.

    2. I LOVE YOUR COOKING!!! The banana soup was delicious too.

    3. Me? Competitive? :o)

    4. You're doing great on the piano. You're my BEST student!

  2. I love your blog, it was totally random! haha...

    Anywho, I am sure you did a wonderful job. You always do great when you share your testimony.

    Btw, don't ever give up, pratice makes perfect. Ok, not a 100% perfect but it makes for better learning experience. Its the best! That goes for both your cooking pies and playing the piano.

    Lastly, your NOT a loser! Whatev', how many times do I have to tell ya that. Your like the AWESOMEST person I know. Gorsh!

    Your the coolest! keep your cool and keep that smile on your face. =D Miss ya!