Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I cannot wait until tomorrow morning when I get to go back to work! I start my shift at 06:30 am and I will get off at 18:30 (that's 6:30pm incase you don't know) I am so excited and I should be in bed since I have to get up early! But I must say I don't recommend trampoline injuries if you don't want to miss 9 weeks of work! I LOVE my job and so I have missed being there! It also has to do with the fact that several other people have been home all day long and I get a little restless and aquite irritable dealing with some of them! Its always like a circus at my house. There is always something going on and quite often there is drama! Which I prefer to avoid! Plus did I mention I LOVE MY JOB!!! Even ont he busy crazy days where I am tired and worked to the bone or whatever I still love it! It keeps me going and it is so amazing to feel like I have helped someone.


  1. You make it sound like working as an EMT is more relaxing than being at your circus-like home.


    Good luck!

  2. I am glad that you are happy to be going back to work.