Friday, May 16, 2008


Ok so this may end up being one of the stupidest blogs you ever read...but I think it is a funny story. So a few weeks ago I was at home and looking for something to eat for lunch. I kinda wanted something different. So I was looking in the fridge and we had tortilla shells and we had mozzarella cheese. I thought "quesadilla" and then I looked and found a can of pizza sauce in the cupboard and decided to use that too. So I basically made a quesadilla but I added pizza sauce to it. My sister was like "what are you eating it smells good" I said "its a pizzadilla ( I pronounced it pizza-dee--ah) so she was like "what?" and I said "I made a quesadilla with pizza sauce so I am calling it a pizzadilla". Anyways later she made one to and was like "I made a pizza thingy whatever you called it". SO no big deal. But then this morning I was on my way home from my physical therapy appointment in the valley. I was a red light and was looking around and down the street I saw a giant billboard. It said "Pizzadilla, now theres a great idea" or something along those lines. It was a billboard for mission brand tortillas and had a giant picture of a quesadilla looking thing with pizza sauce on it!!!! I thought that was the craziest thing ever! It was like my conversation from a few weeks ago on a billboard! I called my mom because I thought it was funny and she was like "oh". I said "I thought it was funny" she said "yeah". But she wasnt laughing.... but then I felt better when I called my dear friend Renee and told her the story and she totally (legitimately) laughed! At least someone appreciated it! So I thought I would share it with the rest of my blog world. Which as far as I know is not very big! I dont think many people are reading my blog :( sad times! But I am greatful to those who are :)