Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Toilet Paper crisis....

OK so tonight I was telling my mom and my sister that we will have to go to Costco tomorrow and get some more paper plates and toilet paper. My sister had recently watched an episode of Oprah about "going green" and saving the environment. So she informed me that paper plates were not very environmentally friendly. I told her if we had a fireplace they would be because we could then burn our own trash instead of adding to the dumps. So then she told me that increases the CO2 into the ozone or something and that I was 0/2. So I told her that toilet paper but not be very friendly either so we began joking around about having to use washcloths in the bathroom and rinsing them out to save on toilet paper. Well we decided it would be funny to joke around with ym other sister and her boyfriend (who were not here for the conversation) and we put a sign up in the bathroom that says:

Attention: New procedures in place……
In order to save on rising toilet paper prices we will be using a new system. Each person will have his/her own washcloth to use for wiping your rear. Please rinse and re-use your own washcloth. Add your washcloth to your laundry and wash as necessary as well. Please do not use anybody else’s cloth and do not replace your cloth with new ones. Do not throw away any washcloths. Thanks for your assistance in our financial savings as well as our environment! Go-green! Please use the washcloth located beneath your name.

I hung this sign on the wall above the towel rack ( I re-hung the towel on the shower door towel rack) I put up 5 different color washcloths and signs with the 4 names of us who use the bathroom most and the 5th sign says "guest"..... anyways I also did this with fake names (to protect those involved) and took pictures to send to Jay Leno for "Headlines"

At this time no animals were harmed during the duration of this prank, nor were any washcloths used. We have also left the regular toilet paper in the bathroom for the time being!