Sunday, May 25, 2008

First week back..and piano-ing

OK so today was my 4th shift of my first week back to work (now I have 3 days off...) anyways it was a fairly slow day. In my 12 hour shift I ran a total of 3 calls. So I spent some time napping, a few min on my DS (the battery needs charged), some time reading and some time completing "one tough puzzle" that I have. It is a puzzle that on the box says there are over 300,000 wrong ways to complete it and only 1 correct way...anyways when I bought it I spent 20 min or so trying it and then it has sat in my bag for awhile, then this morning at work I played around with it for about 15-20 min or so and put it away (to go nap) and then later today after lunch I tried it again and did it in about 10min! SO um yeah... not so tough afterall! :) Ok maybe it was but I am not really sure.I may not have done it right because the 9 pieces are red on one side and black on the other side. It says on the box that you have to have make 3 rows of 3, with 6 of the interlocking pieces facing out when done and 6 coming inward (which I had both) without any holes in the middle. I had all that right, but I had 8 of the 9 pieces with the red side up and one with the black up. But it does NOT say anything on the box about having to be all one color so I think it was right???? Anyways after I finished I did some reading and some more napping :)

So anyways all in all this week I ended up working 2 ALS shifts and 2 BLS shifts. But all the patients I had on my ALS shift ended up being BLS patients (not needing serious care)so they were my patients. But all our paperwork for emergency calls is done on the computers and because I was moving from station to station all day and one of the stations I was at the computer wasn't working I couldn't finish my paperwork before the end of my shift. So on Thurs I got off and hour and a half late, and yesterday I got off an hour and 1/4 late. SO I was late to work on Weds then stayed overtime both thurs and fri, and got off on time today. I clocked out this evening with a total of 50 1/4 hours on my time card. Which would've been 50 3/4 had I not been late on Weds.... and I am only scheduled 48 hours a week! But I am really glad to be back at work! I am realizing a lot about my job habits this week. I realized that because I am short I often used to kinda "jump" out of the ambulance quite frequently because there wasn't a side step etc. and so this week I have had to make a conscious effort not to "jump" anymore and to step down properly and gradually. I did well when I had to lift the gurney and even yesterday when I had to walk up and down the freeway embankment for the traffic accident I went on that was on the freeway. It came out as an overturned vehicle, but it ended up being upright, he had rolled down the embankment of the on ramp but landed upright...I actually had 2 freeway calls this week! But neither was serious. Like I already said all my patients were not serious. I was a little sore yesterday after work and again today and I shouldve iced my knee but didn't :( But I think overall its going to be ok! As long as I continue to be aware of what I am doing so I don't re-injure it life is good!

SO about my piano-ing! Renee came over on Weds for a lesson. She said I am continuing to improve. I don't necessarily see it all the time, but I believe her. I am confident she would tell me the truth if I was an idiot or doing really crummy, so I have no choice but to believe her! :) I noticed tonight though that it really does help when I listen to her advice. (I noticed before, but didn't appreciate it as much as now) She is an amazing teacher and I am gaining more confidence in my skills I am slowly learning! When I started practicing tonight I was still struggling with Clementine and it was something she and I had discussed on Weds and she gave me some advice and what she said really helped. I was still messing up and wanted to get frustrated but I stayed calm and kept trying and now I think I got it down, of course my other new song "Lavender Dilly" or something like that is my new trouble piece... UGH :) I am also learning "Love at Home" and that's proving to be a little difficult too but I am getting better there too. Tonight I actually played through it (very slowly) with both hands at the same time (up till nowI was only doing one at a time on it) I really need to work on my fingering and I can do even better!

Anyways I should be off to bed! I just wanted to share that I have had a great week! I love being at work again and I am loving learning to play the piano! It has always been a dream of mine to be able to play piano and I love that my dream is coming true! :)


  1. thats awesome Renee that you are getting better at playing the piano. keep practicing, you'll only get better!

  2. I feel so privileged to be able to help you realize your dream. How many people get to say that?