Thursday, October 2, 2008

A little humility with that???

Well since last week I have been doing my best to use the crutches when walking. I hate to do so but I am being mostly good. (I kinda cheat around the house from time to time, and then my mom yells at me....) Anyways I am using wheelchairs at the store, walking with crutches, I used a cane yesterday at the Temple(next week I think I will stick with the crutches though, I prefer them) I have still been having problems for instance on Sat night I was in extreme pain and took several pain pills and finally it settled down a little bit, but I was still hurting! Yesterday the elders from my ward came over with a member of my branch and with my Mom they took down 2 walls that my mom wanted to remove. Today my home ward elders came over as well as two people from my ward to continue the work/clean up a little. They helped move some heavy large furniture back into place. To somewhat sweep and swiffer mop the floor and then they helped break down the pieces from the wall and put it into the trash can. They offered to do more, but my mom wasnt telling them what she wanted done and I didnt know what she wanted done but what they did was a big help. So after lunch they left and so did my mom (to visit dad in the hospital) I was home with my nephews. A little later on while they were both still napping I decided to clean up the living room some more. I put things away and gathered the sheets that had been used to protect furniture from wall dust during the demolition etc. I am not sure how long I was cleaning for but it didn't take much time for me to start hurting! I think it was a little swollen again too, but that may have been there all along. I wanted my mom to feel better when she got home so I did as much as I could. I again swept and swiffered part of the floor and stacked the dirty dishes. I made a pretty good size difference. Than a little while later I made dinner. It felt nice to be able to serve my family, especially my mom! Since I have injured my knee I have still helped frequently because I know others in the house don't help much. But having been cleaning and noit using crutches much today I did realize that they are making a little bit of a difference in the pain levels. I am still hurting but it does help. It seems like that has happened a lot lately, where just when I think things are going ok,I realize it was all a mask and that the truth was hiding below the surface waiting for the moment to make its debut! I am still waiting for my MRI authorization to come through so I can make the appointment... but as soon as I get it I am going in asap! I do not want to prolong the process by any means! I want to know what is going on! Ideally it would show nothing is wrong, but then why am I having all the pain?? It would be a big mystery to me if it comes back clear. So as much as I don't want it to show anything I am hoping it does, because once we know the problem we can begin to fix it! I really want to return to work! The sooner I get my knee fixed the sooner I can potentially return! So anyways I did learn a little lesson in obediance and humility today! When i am obediant to orders to stay off my knee and to use the crutches even though I am not completely pain free I think it does decrease the pain levels a little bit! I hate using the crutches though but I have bee sufficiently humbled and plan to continue that course even though I don't care too!


  1. I am glad that you are using the crutches more. It honestly will do ya a world of good and will help subdue all the pain and hassle that you really don't need to have. I hope that you are able to return to work soon, too. And I pray that your dad gets better soon. I am glad things are coming along for you.

  2. Kind of along the same lines... When I am starting to get sick I feel like I would either like to get really sick and just get it all over with, or not be sick at all. Being in limbo is the worst.