Tuesday, October 28, 2008


So I tend to spend more money than I should. I have gotten myself into trouble and since I have been out of work I have been running into more and more trouble. Times are tight and my budgeting skills have never really existed.....until now. Every time I thought I was on track I would mess it up somehow. Tonight I spent a long time on the phone tonight with a debt management counselor. He was really nice and answered a lot of questions for me. I am thankful I made that phonecall (and thankful for my Bishop suggested who I needed to call) The debt management agency has worked out a debt management plan for me that is completely feasible for me at this time in my life. It is taking into consideration my current disability situation and finances because of it, as well as all my other necessities! I know I have made the right choice. I know that the commitment I am going to make will better my credit and everything else in the long run and I am excited for it! I did something I always said I was going to do and I finally cut up my credit cards. I wanted to keep at least one so that I would have it in an emergency but I knew that would lead to more problems. (plus they are kinda maxed out currently anyway...) I plan to pay them all off first and then when they send me replacement cards (once mine expire) I will have had time to be financially in control and won't have the need to use them. So then I can safely place one in my wallet for an emergency. It is going to be a long road but the nice thing is that I know once I am back at work (or at a new job) and have insurance benefits again that I will then be able to double my debt payments and so that will help me to pay it off faster. Then in about a year my car will be paid off as well, so that money can also go to paying it off!! It is amazing! I know that my prayers have been answered! I was hesitant to go to my Bishop and tell him of my struggles but I knew I had to do it! I have gotten a lot of lessons in humility lately and I am glad that it is helping me to grow! Who knows before long I may be able to move out like my sister is doing.... But I know she is just as bad as me (if not worse) so I have a feeling that even though she thinks she is ready and can handle it, she is in for a big wake up call! I just hope she can make the right choices as well! Life is bueno!

Slowly my trials are starting to teach me, I am learning a lot and growing more each day. I heard someone say in their testimony once that you cannot feel the growing in life because it doesnt feel like growing! I know its true!~ It is often way after the trials that we receive the blessings and am able to see how I have grown! Someone else once said that you cannot change the waves or storms of the sea but you can adjust the sail! My sail is finally facing the right direction and I have a feeling the seas are calming down a bit. I still have plenty of other trials and many waves and storms to pass but this is one thing that is lowering my stress levels! I am feeling a little less seasick and starting to enjoy the view!

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  1. I am glad that to hear your testimony. Keep doing what's right! Your such a great example and a wonderful friend! Thanks for all that you do!