Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Well yesterday was my weight watchers meeting. I lost .6 pounds. It wasn't as much as I would like and even though I was glad it was a loss I was really disappointed as well. It is really hard because I can't be active because of my knee. Then I think back to about a year ago when I was like 40 pounds lighter than I am today. At that time I was doing well, I was active both at work and socially, I was riding my bike anywhere from 3-5 nights a week and so I was on a good track to continually losing weight and being healthier. Than in December is when I injured my knee, bike riding was out and as it slowly got worse I was tolerating less and less. I had my surgery and my weight went up a little but I knew I was a lot less active post-op but I knew that as I recovered I had been gaining activity again. I was working my way back to bike riding. Than I re-injured it, and it has continued to hurt more and more and I have been able to do less and less. So its hard because I am trying to lose weight based only on my food intake. I cannot increase my exercise and so I am not losing as fast as I have in the past. It is hard! So even though .6lbs was a loss and better than a gain it was still a little upseting knowing that I have gained weight because of my knee and I am struggling to lose weight because of my knee. This is a really trying time for me.

Well today I went to the doctor for my 2nd opinion. It was a fancy office. Very Beverly Hills like, everything seemed as if I shouldn't touch it because I couldn't afford to break anything. I filled out my paperwork and waited for them to call my name. I went in and was put in a room. The nurse asked my info some general questions and stuff that I could've easily filled out much faster than telling her and waiting for her to write it all down. In fact it was all the history stuff that most dr offices do have the patient fill out anyway.... So then the dr came in.

Right off the bat when knowing I was there for knee pain he was like "well I am going to be the bad guy and tell you it's because of your weight." I tried to tell him what I included in the top paragraph and he didn't seem to want to listen. He continued to tell me what my weight should be etc before asking my current conditions in full, what my dr had said and why I was there for a second opinion. He was kinda treating me as if I am lazy and ignorant of the fact that I am overweight! I wanted to cry! Anyways eventually he did get to my complaints and stuff and looked at my MRI's etc and did more of a general evaluation of my knee. He told me that I should be swimming daily and that I should be icing my knee 4x a day. He eventually told me he thinks I have Pes Anserine Bursitis (aka goosefoot) of my knee. That he doesn't think it is a joint problem. He told me that whoever read my last MRI mis-read it. He said that my ACL is basically gone but he doesn't think I am a good candidate at this time for an acl repair. He suggested that Dr Davis place me on a stronger anti-inflammatory, that I ice it, and swim and the biggest thing )which he told me over and over again as if I was ignoring him and hadn't told him I am watchign my eating and doing weight watchers) is I need to lose weight. He said overall having brusitis instead of a joint injury is a good thing. He said that there is signs of arthritis behind my knee. He told me that I can walk on it and that he would send his suggestions to Dr Davis. (Who I don't see until Nov 10th). He gave me some info on bursitis (which says to rest and discontinue activity..so why is he telling me to walk???) So anyways that is where I stand (or rather not stand...) with my knee! The paper he gave me doesn't say much about bursitis so I think later I will be online looking up more stuff!

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  1. I hope that everything work's out Renee. Take care, and your doing great! That's good that you are on top of things. Don't ever give up! Love ya!

    P.S. Keep Smiling!