Monday, October 20, 2008

Self Reward

So today I went to my second Weight Watchers meeting. I lost 1.2 pounds last week. It isn't as much as I would have liked, but considering I am non-active currently (or supposed to be any way) I am proud of that! It makes me feel good to be back on track and watching my food intake. About 2 years ago I did weight watchers with some friends from work, I did really well and had lost over 30 pounds which since my knee injury I have gained back this year plus some. But considering that I don't have friends doing it with me this time and my activity level has stopped it's a lot different than before. Because we were doing it together instead of going to meetings we would sort of do our own meetings we would weigh in together and regularly share experiences together. We also walked together at the beach after work! It was our way of keeping on track. But now I don't talk to one of them anymore and the other is in N. Carolina so I am going to the meetings for my support. SO far it's been good. My meeting leader is really sweet. She is an older lady and I am pretty sure I am the youngest in that meeting time but I feel really welcomed. I am glad I am doing this! It is going to bring such a change in my life. I cannot wait for my clothes to start feeling loose again and even more so I cannot wait to have to buy new ones because they are too big all together! It is going to be amazing! I also know that losing weight can make a huge difference in the pressure on my knee so that should help ease some of my knee pain. It will also make me start feeling better about myself again! I know that I shouldn't let my size affect my self image but it does.

I decided tonight though that aside from the health benefits and everything else I will gain from losing weight I am going to inspire myself by rewarding myself. Tonight I put $5 in an envelope. I gave the envelope to my Mom to keep in a safe place for me. I told her for every pound I lose I need to give her $5 for my envelope. I have always wanted an IPOD but I don't have one yet, so I told her that could be my first goal. The newest Ipod, the Ipod touch looks really cool and has the games and stuff available for it, I really want it. So with my first significant weight loss I will have enough money to reward myself with the new ipod touch! I also will need to eventually get myself a nice keyboard or electric piano since Renee will be taking hers to Utah at either Thanksgiving or Christmas so once that is gone I will have nothing to practice on. So that is another goal! (It may get pushed in front of the ipod because I don't want to lose my chance to practice and lose what small amount of piano skills I have gained so far) They have some piano's at Costco right now. They have 3 different ones there ranging in size and price. I think I would like the middle one. I may be able to get that one around New Years if I can lose about 10lbs per month. (which is around the same amount of time it took me to lose 30lbs two years ago, and the same time that Renee will likely take her piano, so in reality it's a good first goalm and totally accomplishable!) Then my third goal is to save the money to be able to go to the Santa Barbara Zoo and do their "Zookeeper for a Day" program. I would love to work with the elephants! It is a dream of mine and since I have a lot of weight to lose and I also need my knee to be fixed before I can do that I put it as my third goal. By the time I lose all that weight I should be at my healthy body weight for my height and be skinnier than I have ever been! I will also be enjoying things that I haven't been able to because I am really bad at budgeting my money so I can just never seem to afford to buy those things! So with my first 1.2 pounds I am on my way to a lot of amazing things!


  1. Hey, thats awesome!! Keep at it! You'll do great!! You always do! Love ya!

  2. Holy, wow, Batman! That's amazing! That's so ambitious! It almost makes me want to GIVE you my piano I'm so impressed! But then I would deny you the privilege of feeling that wonderful sense of accomplishment as you tickle the ivories of your very own electronic keyboard. Good luck!