Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Oscar the Grouch

That is what I decided to be for Halloween. I decided this a couple weeks ago and I am really excited about it. When I thought about wanting to be Oscar the ideas came pouring in and I started writing them down and drawing pictures and so forth as to how I was going to do the costume. Than just last week I found out the Halloween party/dance at church is this coming Fri the 17th! Way too soon! Now I am trying to get all my ideas together and get my costume made (and at the same time it has to be crutches friendly... UGH I won't be doing much dancing but I want to go) but it is so hard to do anything with my shadow around and he seems to never sleep!!! The hardest part is I need to use a tunnel toy thing he has for my trash can and I can't get it out and cover it and stuff to make it look like a trash can because he is always awake! It's time to get sneaky!! Anyways we are going to try and get the trash can done tonight (if we can get him to sleep first) and then tomorrow its time for a trip to the fabric store to get the supplies for the rest of my costume! Picture to come later :)