Monday, October 27, 2008

Sunday Best

Well today has been long and tiresome and since my knee was really sore all day that didn't help much! I had to go to church early today to go to a meeting since Laura couldn't. I was supposed to be there at 11am but for some reason I was thinking 11:30.... I got there around 11:15 (which I heard the meeting started late anyway so it was ok). Then usually I am actually there at 12:15 for a different meeting. Anyway as I was rushing out the door I realized I hadn't yet eaten anything so I made a pb&j sandwich (strawberry jelly.... I don't care for grape) and ate it on my way to church. Went to the one meeting then we kinda didn't really have the second one (we talked in the foyer but never really had our "meeting"). Church goes from 1-4pm. Sacrament was first and that was when my knee started hurting. (I don't know why all I had done was sit in a couple meetings) so after sacrament I went to my car and took a pain pill. Went to sunday school and relief society (still hurting) and then after church my home teacher and I visited. It was really nice! (except as you may have guessed....still hurting) so needless to say I got home around 5pm! Well tonight was our ward fireside with a member of the Stake Presidency speaking and my mom was just barely starting dinner at 5:30 so I ate a couple pickle spears and some crackers and I went to the fireside. After teh firseide I ate one cookie and was out the door to head across town to another church building for a stake rs leadership training meeting. I got there about 7:05, the opening hymn had jsut started. Was training until 8:30 or so, then mingled a little (there was pie) and finally got home to eat dinner around 9:10. I am not sure where the "best" part comes in.... but that was today's "Sunday Best" oh and its now after midnight and I am still hurting.... tomorrow I plan to call the doctor to have them refill the pain pills. Not that the vicodin removes the pain, but sometimes it helps for a little while.

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  1. Thats stinks Renee. I hope that your knee gets better soon! Have a great week!