Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Oks so yesterday when I blogged my dr appointment I forgot one of the most interesting parts of the conversation about me going swimming for exercise this is kinda how it went:

DR: Can you swim?
ME: Yes I have many friends who have told me I could swim at their house anytime I want.
DR: They are not going to heat their pool through the winter just for you.
ME: Well my Bishop (it was actually Pres Walden) told me that I could call him anytime to come over about an hour later to use his jacuzzi
DR: That wouldn't work because you can't move around enough to burn calories. Could you go to the Y or somewhere for a pool?
ME: Well I used to go to 24 hour fitness but I don't currently have my membership active
DR: Can you swim there?
ME: Yes they have an outdoor pool
DR: Well would you use it?
ME: Yeah (as I was thinking I would rather go to my friends house though, and that I don't have the money for a membership)

It seemed like the whole appointment he was second guessing everything I said, that I wasn't listening to what he was saying. At the beginning of the appointment he was like "why are you here?" and I told him Dr Davis sent me for a second opinion. SO then he was like "what did Dr Davis expect from me?" SO I told him that I was told they often send people for a second opinion to get an outside opinion to see if they are overlooking something. But then for wahtever reason all my dr's office gave me to take was my MRI's and my MRI's had their reports so he through a big fit that all they sent me with was that and not any surgical report or dr's notes etc to know what they had done (even though I told him what has happened so far) In fact come to think of it he never even asked HOW I injured myself! UGH.... whatever! This is really frustrating but I think I will end there before I say something I shouldn't say!!


  1. Yeah, doctor's can be a pain sometimes but don't let them discourage you.

    Your doing what you can and know what to do and that's great!

  2. Just laugh. It will make you fell better. Maybe the doctor has a not so great bedside manner. I've been to some of those. Keep doing what you think is right and laugh.

    Love ya