Thursday, October 23, 2008


Ok so if you know me at all, you should know that I am pretty much a klutz! I am constantly getting bruises and such and it seems since I had my knee surgery I tend to slip frequently. Well since the whole "not allowed to walk" thing I haven't done much slipping lately :) Unfortunately I have still been sore though! UGH... but on that note I do have my appointment on Tues 28th to get my second opinion from another orthopaedic. So hopefully that goes well and we can figure something out! Well slipping is sort of the topic of my blog, but my knee isn't so I am sort of off topic! On with my story:
So a few nights ago my parakeet Crayola passed away. I've had her for almost 3 1/2 years. She was a fun pet. Anyways since she passed away and I have no other birds I have some bird seed that would essentially go unused. Well my first thought was to spread it throughout either the front or back yard and let the wild birds go at it. But then I thought that mayh not be a good idea for what grass we do actually have there. So I was considering my other options. I knew I didn't want to throw it away because why should I waste good bird seed when there are birds who can enjoy it?? Well you may or may not know we have been doing some "remoldeling" of sorts within our house lately. We no longer have carpeting and soon we will have hardwood flooring installed. But before we could install it there were two walls my mom wanted to remove. So those walls are now gone. So essentially we have a pile of lumber on the front porch. The walls that were removed were actually like half walls. They came up about 4 feet or so (I don't really know how high they were) and then it was open from there to the ceiling. But in several spots along this half wall were these pillars that were cut with a pattern of sorts. I remembered that in this pile of wood we have two of those pillars. I had an idea. I could use the pillars and put a base on the bottom and then a base on top. On the top one I could put a bird house and I could put an edge on it so that the base could hold birdseed to attract the birds to the house. I told my mom of my idea and she told me that we had a bird house on the front porch that my grandma's third husband had made. She said I could use it.
So this evening I decided I wanted to work on my project. I first needed to cut down the pillar so that it wasn't as tall. So I took two bricks to lay it across so that it was raised from the ground and I could cut through the wood. My sister helped hold the pillar in place by sitting on it while I had the saw and cut the ends. So then she went inside to do whatever. Initially I was going to use a large piece of wood and cut my base and top from it when I noticed something else in my wood pile that was a better option. Recently when I had gotten the new window my shutters were removed. They were still here. The design on the shutter I realized was a much better option. One it was going to be easier to cut than the larger piece of wood and the way it was there was already wood around the top that would be good for holding the seed. I decided to use my shutter instead.
Well before I could cut the shutter to get the pieces I needed for my birdhouse stand I needed to remove the old nails from the shutter. I decided to sit on the brick to do this. As I was attempting to sit I didn't realize how low to the ground the bricks were... I misjudged and when i wasn't sitting when I expected too I ended up falling backwards. Well behind the brick I was attempting to sit on was..... another brick. I feel against that brick and basically came down on its edge. It hurt and I knew I was going to be bruised from this incident.... I opted at that point not to sit on any bricks and remained standing for the nail removal. I continued with my project and a short time later finished my birdhouse stand thing.

It looks pretty ghetto (and it is) but I think its fun. Eventually I plan to get some spray paint to improve it's appearance. Oh and it does stand on its own, but I put it against the wall anyway. (incase you got any silly ideas about it maybe not being sturdy or something) When I finished it was getting dark, so I put some seed on it but there were not really any birds around. Hopefully they will come. Isn't that how it goes "if you build it, they will come" ??? Anyways I have included some pictures of my ghetto bird feeder/house. As well as one of my injury to my leg! It hurts... Being at the top of my thigh towards the outside, it is in a bad location for a girl who has to do a lot of sitting! Especially since I have been using the wheelchair to get around the house to avoid the crutches! Hopefully it heals soon! Well all have a great night!

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  1. Ya know, from as long as I've known you, I don't see you being soo clumsy, but I think its your injury that's gotten you to be really clumsy...and Its usually me the one that's falling or crashing into

    By the way, thats talent to make a stand for bird's to feed...a bird feeder stand. Nice job.