Saturday, September 27, 2008


For my birthday I went to Disneyland. It was a lot of fun, except that they raised the price of the wheelchair rentals and the price of the pickles!!!! UGH.... it was kind of frustrating too because I brought my crutches with me and when I was off the wheelchair I used the crutches! I had spoke to the physicians assistant at my orthopaedics office the night before about my increased pain and decreased level of tolerance with my knee. I told him that I am only able to do a very little before I am hurting and that when it is hurting it is worse than before my first surgery! It is so frustrating. He told me that even though I probably don't like to I need to be using a cane or crutches when I am up and about but more so to try and stay off it as much as possible. I told him I am doing the best I can so far and that I have been getting wheelchairs when shopping and stuff. Anyways like I said I am following his orders and using the crutches.... except not regularly when at home... but anywhere else they are there :( So all but one of my pictures yesterday when I was with the characters I had my crutches there with me... *sigh* the worst thing about it is I hate using them for church and church related stuff because I hate explaining about my knee getting worse and stuff to everyone! I really don't like drawing attention to myself and crutches is a sure attention getter! I am stubborn about that kind of thing. But I really want to get better so I guess I will do it anyway! In the meanwhile he did give me a prescription for an anti-inflammatory and more pain medication. He also put in a request for authorization for another MRI so that we can compare it to my first one before the last surgery and see if something is going on! (I am pretty sure there is considering the amount of pain and stuff, but Adam said that could just be from the injections also, but it was like this before the injections so who knows) So enough about that. Onto MONTANA!!!

Ok so I am would imagine most people who read my blog are familiar with movies and stuff on TV or even other places that when you see something to represent the desert there is usually the skull of a bull, with the horns and stuff and that is what you see. Well I like to collect the pressed pennies and stuff and always get at least one when I go to DIsneyland (or anywhere else I see them) and while at CA Adventure they had a machine for the pressed quarters. The design was brother Bear related. They were really cute and I had lots of quarters with me so I took 4 quarters out of my coin pouch (which has Mickey Mouse on it incase you wanted to know) and I put the quarters in the machine and pushed it to go. My quarter came out and was flattened. As I was looking at it and flipped it over I noticed on the back an image that reminded me of the skull thing I was mentioning! It was the weirdest thing. Or so I thought.... I showed it to Lisa who was with me and was telling her that it was weird that it had that image on it and I was really confused and amazed at how it happened! It was really a mystery to me. Then by chance while continually looking at it I tilted the quarter just right where I could barely make out the word "Montana" it than occured to me that I must have used a Montana state quarter in the machine and that is the quarter that got pressed! It was the most random thing and was completely done unintentionally but ended up becoming a pretty funny story in the end. After I realized it Lisa thought I might have been playing but it was legit. I really did not know I used that particular quarter! It was a funny moment of the day!! :) Since than I have looked at another Montana quarter that was not flattened and it's true, it does have the skull image on it!

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  1. Funny story.

    Just tell people the crutches are a fashion statement. I'm not sure what the statement is, but you're very clever, so you can think of something...