Saturday, September 6, 2008


OK so you can call me a nerd if you want but I enjoy watching Smallville. A friend of mine got me into it a few years back. But in all reality I wasn't watching it regularly. I tried to but I ended up getting pretty far behind so I sorta stopped watching it. Oh and incase you don't know what it's about..... its about Clark Kent (AKA Superman) but its about his earlier days. When he was growing up and learning about his powers and stuff. Most of the first seasons were his high school years. (the back of the season one box says this: "Between the boy Clark Kent thought he was and the man he is destined to become lie the compelling stories of Smallville, the popular action series that reimagines the Superman saga from its roots...") SO to me the funny thing is I have never seen a Superman movie in my life! If I have I don't remember it! I haven't ever watched Batman or Star Wars either! So I find it odd that I have gotten into watching Smallville. Anyways at least a year or so ago I ended up buying seasons 1-3 at some point in time or another. Last year during the time I was working on a rotating 24 hour shift I often brought Smallville and my portable Dvd player with me to work and during the time I was at the station if I wasn't reading scriptures or writing in my journal I was watching back to back episodes of Smallville. I stopped somewhere in season 2. Thats where I left off.

Well than lately I got back onto my Smallville kick! I have been watching at least one disk each night (usually 4 episodes) and trying to get caught up on the story of Smallville adn CLark Kent. I started somewhere in Season 2 where I thought I had left off when working some of the episodes seemed familiar but I continued. Because I didn't know where I had left off plus I had seen some on TV and didnt know which seasons or episodes those were! Well tonight I finished Season 3 and started season 4! Yup I watched 2 disks tonight! :) It seems to be the only thing lately that keeps me off my legs! Which with my knee I am supposed to be doing a lot of sitting around but I find it hard to sit still! Except lately while watching Smallville. But I seem to start kinda late in the night so I end up staying up until like 2 or 3 am watching it. Than sleeping in late! Its not good because eventually I will be going back to work and have to be on a normal schedule again, but for the time being I guess its ok! :) So I was thinking since I am back on track and trying to get caught up with all I've missed that since I am still out of work I can maybe watch all the seasons and be ready for the new season when it starts this month! But I don't know when it restarts and I found out that I am pretty far behind! Especially since this week or next ( I don't remember the exact date) season 7 was being released on DVD! I guess I have more catching up to do than I thought! But I'm trying! Each season averages like 22-23 episodes each! Each time I finish a disk even at like 2 or 3am I am tempted to start the next!

Maybe I enjoy the show because I like that in every episode good usually triumphs over evil. It is usally Clark who overcomes and wins in the end. Even if his powers are make-believe and fictional, but than again so are the things he is having to overcome in the others he is fighting. Maybe I like that there is always some sort of moral to be learned by Clark. Or maybe I just enjoy the show because Tom Welling (who plays Clark) and Michael Rosenbaum (who plays Lex Luthor) are both pretty good looking guys!! I am a sucker for light colored eyes which they both have! And Tom Welling has the most adorable smile! It may be a little crazy but I love that Michael Rosenbaum has no hair! I don't know why for sure but I think bald heads on some guys are really sexy! I mean on younger guys anyways! I am not checking out old bald men! But I have known some good looking bald guys my age and I am pretty sure he isn't "old" by any means... although its kinda like my celebrity crush on Devon Sawa I probably will never meet Tom Welling or Michael Rosenbaum.... but I can watch them on Smallville and enjoy the "eye candy"

It's kind of weird too, I find myself relating to the character of Chloe Sullivan. She is one of Clarks best friends, but secretly she loves him. Well I think he kind of knows she likes him, but she knows he doesn't have the same feelings and so they remain as friends. But its hard on her sometimes. Especially since he likes Lana. ANyways so she watches him and Lana struggle with their relationship! I kinda feel the same way about a friend of mine and even though I am sure it would never work out between this friend and myself I find it so hard to get over it! He will always hold a special place in my heart! I don't remeber the specifics but something happened at the end of an episode I watched recently where Chloe really got hurt by the situation and it made me cry thinking of all the similarities in my own case! Maybe that is partly why I like the show so much! I think somehow eventually Chloe and Clark will wind up together and it gives me hope... even though I am pretty sure there is no hope in my case....

So anyways also a few nights ago on one of the episodes one of the characters said something that I really liked. I was tempted to write it down but I didn't! But now since I have been watching so many episodes and stuff I don't know which one I would have to re-watch to find it again. But tonight in episode 20 of season 3, Clark's dad Jonathan Kent said something that I really liked. SO I did actually pause it and write it down. He told Clark " You can be the worlds greatest hero, or it's most mild mannered citizen, but the only person who can write your story is you" I thought that was a pretty cool thought! Even though we don't have any super powers like Clark does, I think we all have the power to be heroic. We also have the power to be a standard citizen and fall in the ranks of life along with everyone else, but we do have our free agency and we can make our own decisions and that gives us the opportunity to write our own story! We can be guided by the Holy Ghost and taught to walk the straight and narrow path, but all in all even then we are writing our own story! Anyways thats my little thought for tonight! Nerdy and lame as it may be! It's me! :)

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  1. Nerd! :o) Just kidding. You are great. If you want to talk nerdy, you should listen to me and X-Files so many years ago. It was a little bit out of control. And I never thought I would ever admit that. I think if I watched tv I would like Smallville.