Thursday, September 4, 2008

Magical Sayings

OK so when I went on the grunion run awhile back I made a comment that I think I tried to repeat in my blog about it and Iwas told I should write down some of my sayings.... Well I don't think I am that humerous or witty or whatever but since then I was at some friends house for their birthday party (it was a set of twins) and their mom was asking me about our Disney Musical Review we did last month (the same night as the grunion run) and if I was involved in it. I was telling her that I was one of the eels during Ursula's "Poor Unfortunate Souls" number, that I was singing off stage during the Newsies "Sieze the Day" number, and that during Mary Poppins "Spoonful of Sugar" I was "the magic behind the toybox" thats how I worded it. I told her I was the magic behind the toybox. We had 3 toyboxes set up on stage for that number with toys scattered onstage. THey were all attached to strings and druing the song when Mary and the kids would snap the toys would go into the toybox. ... SO I was the magic behind the toybox. Anyways they liked that statement so I have remembered it.....

Well than last week when I went fishing as I mentioned I was in a little nowhere-ville town called Denair. Its small and kinda hidden in the limelight of Turlock. Well while I was there I wanted to send some postcards to a few friends. I asked my cousin if there was somewhere I could go but a few postcards to send them out. He said probably nothing for Denair that i could probably find something for Turlock and most likely for teh UNiversity of Stanislaus (in Turlock) but nothing for Denair. Now just to give you a little more info about Denair....its really only like a 5-10 min drive to be in Turlock and get to the bigger places around.... but in the actuially city of Denair there is no major grocery store chains or otherwise, you have to go to Turlock for that. THere is a little mom and pop type place and stuff but nothing like Ralphs or Albertsons or etc. Well we decided that instead of going to buy postcards we would print my fishing pictures from my digital camera to send instead.... so we found a picture that I really liked and finally got it printed and I wrote on tehm like postcards, stamped them and needed to go to the postoffice. NOw I didn't know my way around too well even in a small town like Denair I had driven to my cousins house and that was about it. My cousin drove to the lake (which was the other direction anyway) and so I asked for directions to the post office so I could mail my cards. If it wasn't for my knee being messed up they said we could tkae a walk and go there.... but I needed to drive so they said that Cody could go with me. COdy is 10 years old and he was my little navigator. (He is my cousin's stepson) He was going to get me to the post office and back again. We were off. Now during the drive we got to an area where we needed to turn left, but due to traffic signs and stuff we couldn't. He said that normally he is on his bike and would do it anyway because "no one cares in Denair" I thought that was the funniest thing I had heard all day. I told him I cared and that I was goign to drive the right way and we went around and got where we needed to be. Well than we got back to the house and we were getting ready to make dinner (our fish) and my cousin remembered they didn't have any oil left fromt he last time. Deneen his wife had already picked up the otehr stuff we needed for dinner (extra salad and such) so I volunteered to go to the store and get the oil. So my little navigator Cody and I were off to the mom and pop shop! When we got to the parking lot I was like where do we park and he said "anywhere, because no one cares in Denair" he said it again!!! I thought it was so great that I have still remembered it but I may someday forget so I am blogging it for all the world to see!

Well now you know that I am the magic behind the toybox and that no one cares in Denair. But I must say I did follow all teh laws in Denair and Turlock and everywhere I went (except a little speeding on the drive to/from on the freeway) because even if in Cody's eyes no one cares in Denair, Im sure if their sherriff or someone saw me he would care!

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