Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rollercoaster of life

I am doing alright. I got my third and final injection on Weds. This one has made my knee swollen and naturally it is sore as well. They said it could be up to 6 weeks after that third injection before noticing any changes.... so we shall see! The first injection went ok, I was a little uncomfortable for a day or two and then was the way it was before the injections, where if I did any walking for more than like 15 min I would get sore, or if I was sitting with it bent for extended periods of time etc. So then the 2nd injection was last week and after it I was constantly sore for like 4 or 5 days (I had the injection on Weds and was sore until the weekend) so then this one I am sore but not as bad as last week, but this one made my knee swell whereas the others didn't so much. (the first two I got a little swollen around the inection site, this one my whole knee looks swollen) and I am sore if I do too much like always. SO we shall see.... as much as I hate to say it, I have a feeling I will end up having a second surgery because in the past month or so I have been getting more sore than I did before my first surgery even! The cortisone injection didn't help and so far this one doesnt seem to be either.... but there is still a chance because I have told them all that had happened with the first two injections and stuff and they said it may not be until after the third to notice anything.... I am trying to be optimistic but as some of you can probably relate...I know my body and can just kind of tell.... I want the injections to have helped, and if they do I am hoping it doesnt end up being kinda like a bandaid where they only help short-term and I end up going through all this crap again later on down the road! It scares me because with my field of work it wont take much to re-aggravate it, if it hasn't fully healed/helped!

My dad is doing alright. It's kinda been a long week so far. On Mon of course was the operation and that night they said his heart was already looking better on the moniters with its output and so forth. Than on Tues I stayed home, but my Mom, and two of my sisters visited him and my mom said he was doing pretty well. They had taken out the breathing tube and stuff and they were starting to give him some water and stuff. Then on Weds my mom and I went in the morning, and a couple of my sisters went in the afternoon and he was super sore and really grouchy! He was also complaining of some leg pain and it was a little swollen. They had made him get out of bed to walk and he went a little further than they had expected. Then yesterday my Mom went down and he was in bed, they had re-entered the urine catheter, had him on an oxygen mask (Because his oxygen levels were dropping) and she said he wasn't feeling well at all and mostly kinda slept all day. Then in the afternoon the nurse said he was going in and out of A-Fib (which is an irregular heartbeat) and so they were going to give him medication for that! Today my Mom went down and she said he had no energy at all, they were re-establishing a picc line (like an iv but goes to the heart for meds and stuff) and they were giving him 2 pints of blood. but he was off of the O2 mask and back on a low flow oxygen. His leg was swollen even more and he was hurting and his leg was hurting as well. They said the leg is from his gout and the doctor wanted to change his med he takes for that, but the surgeon said no, so they increased his med dose he is already on for the gout. Oh and all week long since the surgery they have been having trouble equalizing his blood sugar level with his diabetes. SO they are adjusting his insulin medications as well. So thats where we stand there.... it's kinda of hard to know if he is doing as can be expected or better or worse or what! Because my mom said they were talking about taking him from ICU and putting him into the telemetry rooms (a step down from ICU but they would still be doing cardiac monitering) so if he wasnt doing ok they wouldnt take him from icu, but with all thats been happening it seems like to me that they would keep him where he is at.... so who knows... again we shall see!

So on Thurs a sister of mine and I were left home when my mom went to the hospital for babysitting. My mom told this sister that because of my injection on Weds that my knee was sore adn that she would have to help a little more with the childcare of our nephews. So we were here. She wanted to go get food so she left and came back. All was well. I took a late shower and things were bueno! She was on the computer, I was in the chair, my shadow was playing around and watching a little TV. The little one Isaiah was in his swing... swinging (go figure huh!) things were going alright. Well we had a lot of leftovers of the previous nights dinner so I called the elders to see if they were interested in it for lunch and they were. So I heated it up. I told my sister that I was going to take it to the elders at the church building and then go to the post office because I had a package to mail to a friend. She was on the computer still but said ok when I left. While I was gone, my gas light came on in my car, so I sent her a text message and said that I was also going to get gas before coming home. so after getting my gas I got a text from her asking me when I would be home because the baby was hungry and she couldn't pause her computer game! I was on my way home already and was driving so I didn't respond, I just set my phone down. Very soon after it was ringing and it was her asking me the same thing. I told her I was on my way home and that my knee was hurting. When I did get home she was still playing teh game on her laptop but was at least in the kitchen making him a bottle. SO I changed his diaper and his clothes and ended up feeding him while she continued on the computer. Meanwhile we tried to get my shadow to lay down and take a nap, he laid for awhile then wanted to continue to play! So after feeding the baby I put him on the floor with some toys for tummy time. Elijah was still watching tv and she was on computer. I dosed off in the recliner. All was well. Than the baby started crying.... I hadn't been asleep long so I stayed there.... he was still crying.... and still crying..... and still crying.... I never looked at my watch or a clock or anything, I don't think it was an incredibly long time, but long enough to know he wasn't happy.... finally I sat up, I said "let me go to the bathroom and then I will get you". I went to the bathroom and when I came back out she had picked him up, kinda set him on her lap and was still playing her game! I was thinking "finally she is going to do something!"(well she said elijah had a poopy diaper when I had been gone that she had changed, but she never changed Isaiah who had soaked not only his diaper but his clothes by the time I had changed him when getting home from errands) Since she had finally picked him up I went and got the mail and then figured I could go back to napping. I got back in the chair, she brought him and put him in my lap.... and went back to the computer~! So then of course because I had him, my shadow had to be in my lap. Not a problem except he wouldn't sit still and was doing a lot of bumping of my knee and sitting on it and stuff! I was hurting and getting frustrated and all she was doing was yelling at him from across the room while I was trying to protect my knee, not drop the baby and getting elbowed in the face from Elijah! So I texted my mom and told her that my sis had been on the computer all day and i was stuck with the kid duty and that my sis had even texted and called me to see when I would be home because he was hungry!!! She was like "what do you want me to do about it?" I told her I wasn't expecting anything it was just frustrating to basically be doing it alone when my sis knew I was in pain and I had even mentioned earlier that my knee was swollen and that I should be elevating and icing it (but I couldnt with kids all over me) anyways my mom texted her...she got ticked off, she took Elijah and gave him a bottle and got him to lay down in my moms room with the tv (which of course finally got him napping) and by this time the baby had fallen asleep on my lap so she put him in his crib and was like "you can go nap or do whatver now if you want" so I got my ice pack and elevated my knee and laid down in my bad crying because I was hurting and was frustrated and all! She in the meanwhile went and did the few dishes in the sink (it was like 5-10 min worth of dishes...not really much at all) then went back to her game on the computer! By the time the boys woke up their mom was home! So then this morning I was talking with my mom and she said something about that if both me and my sis needed to do stuff today that we could call a friend to watch the boys.... she said that because my sis had mentioned that she had wanted to try and clean her room today because she couldn't yesterday because she had to watch the boys!! I was like "excuse me?" and my mom was like "i know you dont have to say it" because my sis DIDNT watch the boys yesterday! She barely did anything but watch me struggle to care for them while I was in pain!! UGH!!! So then supposively even though she said she wanted to clean her room she left to go hang out with a friend today... but at least she took elijah with her so I only had the baby! but then she came home and was back to the computer again! Whatever! She easily could've cleaned her room yesterday instead of being on the computer all day... or this morning instead of being with her friend! I am tired of people making up excuses for not soing things they should! I did the dishes today after taking out the trash and the recycling(which my sister did neither yesterday so they were super full) and so after the little bit of cleaning I did I was so sore!!! Even though i was probably only working for like 20 min it felt like forever for my knee!

I must say I normally enjoy rollercoasters! I even like the corkscrews, and the loops! Occasionally I get a little nauseated while riding them but they are normally short trips and then you get off take a little break and move on to the next coaster ride!! But this rollercoaster we call life.... is continuing a little too rough lately, it doesn't seem to be finishing! I am ready for it to slow down and be the relaxing ride like It's a Small World, where you just slowly cruise along and can easily take a power nap to be ready for the rest of the rides you have ahead to ride!

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  1. Sometimes it's like Snow White, where you think it's going to be a great relaxing ride, but it's really actually quite stressful because it's so freaky and you end up thinking, "That is NOT a kid's ride!"

    Or something...

    I'm sorry your knee is such a bum. I hope you can rearrange your room without hurting it too much.