Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Shadow

So normally when I think of a shadow I think of the image portrayed of my body when I am standing in the sun or in a room with a light only in one spot. In the dictionary it has several definitions listed.... my favorites for my idea of a shadow are numbers 2, 4a & 5.... "2: a reflected image 4 a: an imperfect and faint representation b: an imitation of something : copy 5: the dark figure cast upon a surface by a body intercepting the rays from a source of light" ... (full definition found on merriam-webster.com)
Anyways I have found that I need to appreciate also definition 4b... the part about the imitation. My shadow comes whether I am inside the house or outside. When it is dark or light, when I am at home or the store... he (yes he) can be found anywhere, anytime and at anyplace! He is about 2 1/2 feet tall and is learning to talk. More commonly he goes by the name Elijah but I decided I am going to nickname my nephew Shadow! He just turned 2 in Aug. He is learning a lot and growing up fast! He is way cute but also in the "terrible twos" stage of life. For several months now (since as far back as March that I can recall specific events) he has gotten into mocking and copying people in the house. But in my own personal observation he has taken it a lot further with me. Maybe its because since all my knee stuff I have been home more so he sees me a lot, but he sees my parents more.... most of the time I don't mind, in fact it is frequently very cute. But at the same time it can be frustrating too!
Like I said I can remember an incidence as far back as March, which was when I had my knee operation. Well a day or two after surgery I was going to the kitchen for something. I was allowed to do minor weight bearing as tolerated and I really hated the crutches so since I was only going to the kitchen I went crutch free. But this also meant I was weak and wobbling and basically limped or hobbled to the kitchen. I got to the sink and leaned on it to take the pressure off a little and when I kinda turned around I noticed my little shadow limping and pulling his leg along like I had done! He also had to sit and ice his knee everytime I did. He had to have it elevated and everything! Just like me.... (hence the picture) That was such a cute thing that I cannot remember any specific copying before that! But it mostly started around than! Anyways lately in the past few weeks he has increased in his shadowing of Aunt Renee! With all my watching of Smallville on several occasions he has come into my room, walked out and came back with his blanket, put it on my bed and wanted "up". He would then sit next to me in whatever position I was in. If I was leaning on the wall with a pillow thats what he wanted to do. If I sat up more and scoot over so would he. If I had a bowl of popcorn so did he. ETC ETC! You get the idea.... well then even the other night I was on my stomach laying on my bed with a pillow and while watching Smallville I was writing a letter. I had my phone and my remotes and stuff like normal with me and my lap-desk and my pens and stationary. HE came in an saw me and left. He came back with a notebook and an inkpen and wanted up. I brought him up and he laid down next to me on his stomach and looked at me and smiled. Then he had to get a pillow to lay on like me. If I changed pens so did he! He was even trying to hold the pen like I was. If I stopped to think, he stopped to.
He watches my every move! Like I said it is frequently cute and very touching... but can get frustrating at other times like the other day when I was trying to clean the kitchen (which he loves to help do dishes with whomever) but I was getting sore and knew I couldn't stand in the kitchen much longer, but he really wanted to help. I had to break his heart and he cried when I wouldn't let him help... :( I wanted to cry too!
Well tonight I was making some popcorn. I was in the kitchen and he was watching me from the dining room. I don't remember why but I was laughing. I don't know if I started just to play with him or what but he copied me laughing. So I laughed differently and he imitated it. I would snort and he tried to snort. In fact that no matter how I tried to laugh he would copy it. A witches cackle a hissing or anything, if it was a hahaha or a hehehe or a hohoho. If I did it deep like Santa or high pitched like Barbie he was doing what I was. Even if I would do something fuinny and change it up... he would too! Which of course made me laugh even more! It went on for several minutes. SO then I went in the other room and he did it some more in front of my parents and my sister, than again in front of my other sister! So for about 10 or 15 min my shadow and I laughed together! That was a moment where my shadow was fun!
Anyways I would recommend if you do not have a very active shadow like mine you should look into it! He is much more exciting than "a dark figure cast upon a surface by a body intercepting the rays from a source of light" he is active and loud and even plays in the dark! Except he can be a little demanding at times... he needs diaper changes and food and drinks and stuff! He has to be bathed and put in a carseat in the car and stuff and sometimes wants to be carried! But if you are willing to sacrifice to comply with the demands this is the shadow for you! Mine especially likes my animal crackers I bought at Costco. He frequently comes in my room and carries the bucket out to someone who can open the lid for him. The other day I was on the computer and heard a noise, I turned and he was in the doorway with my bucket.... I looked at him and him at me... then he smiled and said "haha" and was gone with the crackers! hmmpfh!! Oh goodness... how I love my shadow! I know someday he willgrow out of it and become more of a brat than he already is... but for now he is a lot of fun!


  1. That's way cute! The closest I've ever had to a shadow was when my cat used to follow me around the house. I suspect she would do so now as well, but she is in California, and I am not.

  2. My shawdow will be here in a few days! Nephews are just the cutest =) Right now Dallin (my nephew) is very distraught because I'm never home during the day anymore for him to talk to on the phone. Poor lil dude...he's realizing early that jobs leave a person with little or no free time!

    I hope your knee is doing better with the new injections =)

  3. I have to say, Shadows of little Nephews are awesome!!! I love my little shadow! He is soo cute and I wish I had a picture on my regular camera and of my nephew with his laptop. I was using my laptop and so my nephew was jealous and wanted to use his as well, but I ended up teaching him how to use his computer.

    Kids are soo cute and innocent!! And they love us, their aunties!! I love it!

    I really hope that your knee gets better and that you will be able to return back to work!

    Love ya! And miss ya!