Thursday, May 28, 2009


I have started wearing make-up on a more regular basis lately. Instead of occasionally it's become almost daily (I'm slowly working up to it) but it's been several times a week for sure at least almost always when I am going somewhere. I have never been a complete tom-boy or anything of the sort, but I have always dressed to be comfortable and usually wear my hair down so I am usually mostly "girly". But I have discovered I am starting to feel more confident when I am wearing make-up. I noticed I am a little more open and playful, I have noticed I've gotten a little more attention too. Which I've never really had a problem with people acknowledging me or anything but I think I get more now. I really think it is a direct relation to the make up. Because as I am more self-assured and confident I think it shows in my mannerisms and attitude and thus makes me more approachable. I think before I was always on my own doing my own thing and friendly with everyone but now even though I am still doing my own thing and friendly I am more open too. I like that feeling. I am glad that I am opening up more. That I am learning to be more confident and less reserved in new surroundings. I am still quiet sometimes and I am still a little shy, but I am more open too if that makes sense. I guess I am learning to be who I am inside. I am learning who I am and I am letting people see that. I am growing in so many ways and it's a good thing! Life is good!


  1. Life is indeed good, and you have beautiful skin, so I bet that makeup takes your already shining face and makes it radiant!

  2. Are you online right now on my blog?