Sunday, May 17, 2009


The tracks are long,
And they are smooth.
The tracks go on,
Carrying me and you.

I’m on this train,
Riding along
I’m on this train,
Humming a song.

I need a destination,
A place to get off.
For now I ride the train,
Waiting for it’s stop.

I don’t know where I’m going
I’ve yet to figure that out
As I ride the train
I’ll filter through my doubt.

My faith is in the conductor.
He helps me know I’m safe
I’ll reach my destination
I’ll recognize the place.

There is a change ahead
A split in the tracks
lights are flashing red,
There’s no looking back.

Now as we change direction
The split has sent us right
My faith in the conductor
Reminds me not to fight

As the engine purrs
The wheels go clickety- clack
We hear the whistle blowing
The caboose is in the back

I’m closer to my destination
The tracks are miles long
But yet I ride the train
My faith will keep me strong

The eternal tracks we ride
Can sometimes seem unsure
But heaven’s on our side
We know the path is pure

Track changes leave us wondering
What can be in store?
That wonder leads to knowing
What we signed up for.

He will not leave us dangling
We do not ride alone
I know my destination
It’s my eternal home

I know the change is good
It’s all part of the plan
I wouldn’t jump off now
Even if I could

I know this trains secure
It’s staying on the track
I’ll contemplate for sure
But I’m not going back

Heavenly father drives this train
He is the conductor
His plan to some is plain
But it’s easy trusting the Savior

I cannot jump this track
I’ve traveled it too far
Looking into the past, I cannot go back
It’s only where memories are

I’m riding on this train
I’m looking forward
There may be changes again
Eternity is an earned reward

I’m thankful for my ride
That the tracks are layed
As I sit inside
I’ll listen and obey.

The tracks are long,
They’re smooth yet bumpy too
But they’ll go on
Carrying me and you

Ride heavenly fathers train
It’s the only one we want
He’ll guide us through the pain
And lead us to the front

When we find eternity
There we can get off
If they ask you for a ticket
Our Savior paid the cost

I’ll read and fast and pray
While I ride along
I’ll stay on track everyday
Singing heavens songs

I’m riding on the right train
I was led to it somehow
I know my destination
There’s no turning back now

The tracks are long
And they are smooth
The tracks go on
Carrying me and you

Renee L Conaway

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