Monday, May 25, 2009

Service and a BBQ

First I must say I was up way too late last night making macaroni salad, doing laundry and dishes... then I got up kinda early for me (since I am not working and mostly sleep in now-a-days) I got up to go to the church building to help be a driver and pick up food donations for the Salute to Arms lunch. We were asked to be there at 9:30 and told it'd probably take a couple hours. So I picked up J. (she was my "helper") and we got to the building. We were told a little about the lunch and the donations and one of the Vets that was being honored. It was cool. Than we were given the assignments for picking up food. I was going to go to KFC, Panda 1 Buffet and El Paseo. The pick up times for my locations were 11 and 11:15. So J. and I went and got a quick breakfast first (since we both hadn't eaten) and then got the food. My car now smells like a mix of fried chicken and chow mien with a hint of burritos. :) I was really tired because we had been out a little later than anticipated at a BBQ last night and then I got in bed late. But doing the service for the vets and knowing that my parents were going to the lunch made it feel so worth it and I wasn't feeling as tired anymore from my 3 1/3 hours of sleep!

Than I came home added a little more mayo to my salad, put it in a disposable container and we picked up A. and went to Newbury Park for a combined YSA bbq. It was a lot of fun and I met some new people. I was invited to join in playing beach volleyball, frisbee and football. Which I would have loved to play (or attempt to play) all 3 but because of my knee I had to be a sideline observer! It was kinda depressing really! But I was blessed and felt very loved as I was never left sitting alone! I had a great time and got to joke around with some friends new and old! It was so much fun! But than after the 3 hours in the sun there we had to leave so A. could get to work. I took her home so she could shower and then I picked up some Jamba Juice for her and her co-workers since she didn't have time to stop before work, and met her there. When I sat down there I was starting to feel the effects of little sleep plus time in the sun and after dropping of J. at home I came home myself for a nap! I slept for about an hour and a half than went and was on the couch attempting to stay awake which I failed miserably at and about another hour and a half later my mom woke me up! So now after a few hours being awake, I think I may do a couple more things than hit the hay for the night!

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