Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Transition Hug

I am and have pretty much always been a "hugger" I enjoy giving (and receiving) hugs!! I cannot say how much I love it. Well I have this guy friend at church. We have gone to church together for awhile now and several months back we started talking more because of a mutual friend. Lately it seems we talk even more than before. It's been kind of nice. But I realized on Sun that I frequently talk to him at church but I don't even give him a handshake. :-( I feel like I am a horrible friend! I really enjoy talking to him and I noticed (more than once on Sun and last week too) that I often will be talking to him and someone will see me and come and give me a hug. Or someone will be near him that I want to say hello to and so I will go and hug them. So I frequently hug others in his presence and yet I didn't even give him a shake! I felt so guilty and I want to hug him (since we are talking more and stuff) but I don't know how to transition into hugging him.

He is kind of a quiet guy, maybe a little shy but I don't want it to be awkward that I suddenly give him a hug. But it seemed like I noticed on Sun that as I hugged someone else he looked like he would've hugged me back had I made the move to hug him..... He has also been a little more "touchy" with me too lately. On Sun as he told me something he touched my shoulder and he also at one point came up behind me and poked me in the sides, which was very out of the ordinary! So I want to know if anyone has any suggestions on how to transition into hugging someone without it being awkward when up until now I have been so rude and not even given them a handshake (that I can recall)

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  1. Start with little touches first. Touch his arm when you tell him something, or put your hand on his shoulder when you approach him from behind, little stuff like that. It might be easier to start with a side-hug squeeze instead of a full-on hug, I don't know. But you can do it! You are awesome.