Thursday, May 14, 2009


Well since it is after midnight already this basically/ technically happened yesterday... but since I haven't gone to bed yet I am going to say "this morning". Last night my friend Jen spent the night. We had stayed up late talking (as girls usually do) and just hanging out. When we finally went to sleep I was on my bed and she was on an air mattress on my floor. No big deal. Than this morning we both woke up around the same time I think. As we both discovered the other one to be awake we started to chat while still lying in the beds. When all of a sudden the door opened and we both got kinda was my nephew Elijah (who is now 2& 1/2 almost 3 *in Aug*) this was the conversation and list of events that followed:

Elijah: Nay, you awake?
Me: No I'm still sleeping
Elijah: Oh ok, (there is a pause) friend awake?
Me: No, she's sleeping too
Elijah: Okay (then there was another pause) goodnight.
Me: Goodnight
Elijah: Goodnight
Jen: goodnight
Elijah: goodnight

Than the door closed. We waited a few seconds than we both started giggling. I got up to get my glasses when I heard the door again, so I quickly hopped onto my bed again and pretended to sleep.

*I made a snoring sound
*Jen made a snoring sound

The door closed again

We both waited a little longer this time and giggled again and started chatting

The door opened:

Elijah and Isaiah both came in...the game was over. We lost and got bombarded with babies!

I love my nephews! I especially love the stage of life they are in, both are learning and growing and discovering new things. Elijah is talking loads more now, and Isaiah is starting to walk and get into stuff. But I love that Elijah like most kids just says the funniest stuff! I miss that show "kids say the darndest things" I think if he wasn't so shy around strangers he would be perfect on there! He also has been calling jennifer "girlfriend" instead of jennifer, and when he does use her name he just says "jen-fer" so cute!!!!

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  1. That is so cute. I love that you can tell a kid you're sleeping and he'll believe it! Funny.