Thursday, May 7, 2009

Daughter of GOD

I know that within a week or so ago I was writing about being invisible, but today (or rather yesterday I suppose since it's after midnight now) I wasn't feeling invisible. I was blessed with the opportunity to go to the Los Angeles Temple and help clean. We went not knowing what to expect and unsure what we would be doing. We arrived at 6 am (we were told to be there at 6:30) but people were there already so we went in. We got white jumpsuits and changed. They took us to the 4th floor where the ordinance worker locker rooms are. The worker there gave us some jobs to do (cleaning the marble, and the bathrooms etc.) I got a duster type thing on a telescopic handle and he wanted me to dust the walls! Yup the walls! So I did the room we were in and then he said to continue in the hall and into another 2 large rooms and the guys lockers and stuff. And the windows! I was doing a lot of walking and dusting! Although I do rather prefer that to scrubbing toilets so I was not complaining by any means and with the exception of a few stairs from time to time I was mostly exempt from bending my knee so that was nice. During this wall dusting I was in a large room and was dusting and in my peripheral vision I thought I saw someone and I was thinking maybe they were watching me so I looked over. It was a large mirror! I saw my reflection from across the room! Now at this point in time I had been working for over an hour, the jumpsuits are not exactly "figure friendly" for looking nice. I was sweaty and just working. But when I looked in the mirror instead of thinking how horrible or fat I looked or frumpy or whatever I thought to myself "there is a beautiful daughter of God!" I thought immediatly how lucky I was to be in the house of God and to be able to serve in that way there! Then when I realized how positive my thoughts were about myself I thought "that's what I need to think every time I look in the mirror, not just when in the temple" I was proud of myself for my positivity!

We did our stuff there and then some (he had other things he had us do) and then we went to the 3rd floor where the assembly hall is and I was dusting in that bathroom. Then I went into a room that the worker told us is the Prophets room when he is there having meetings. I dusted in there as well, and did as high as I could go on those windows. At one point walking through the assembly hall I was passing through the chairs which were covered in plactic. Not thinking much of it I just walked. I had gotten about 3/4 of the way through and all of a sudden the plastic seemed to be moving when I walked and it continued after I stopped. It was really interesting, before that it hadn't moved at all, then it was like I could feel the presence of other saints following me at that moment in time because when I stopped the plastic still moved a little bit. Then while dusting the windows the girls were at the far end of the hall and I heard a noise behind me and when I looked the sealers locker room door was closing (which had been closed all along to begin with) but I didn't see anyone go in or come out! I thought maybe it was the brother we had been working with but a minute or two later he came out of the bathroom in the middle of the hall! There is a slight chance someone went in there and exited a back way but I am not so sure of that, because I never even noticed anyone come through the room aside from those we were working with. It isn't really a shortcut to anywhere! It was interesting to say the least. I also dusted the sealers locker room and the veil workers locker room. The girls did the stuff they had been doing before in the other rooms and they polished the pews and pulpits at both ends. (Oh and we did have one 15 min break and a half hour lunch break during this time too) anyway during the time they were doing the pews my knee was getting pretty sore, I knew I had reached my limit, and they were both pretty tired too so we decided they'd finish what they were working on and then we would go. We had been asked in the assignment to go from 6:30 to 2:30 (which we discovered other wards broke up the time, as well as had different times to be there also) anyway around noon or just after we were done. They were ok with us leaving early. It was nice. What a blessing it was to be in the house of the Lord today! I was/am tired from getting up so early but I am glad I did! Now I think I am going to bed because I have been up for about 21 hours! I am ready for some shut eye!

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  1. That's a great image. I wish every woman would think that when she looked in the mirror.