Monday, May 4, 2009

3 in 1

As the 1st counselor in the Relief Society Presidency at church I occasionally have to fill in for the president when she is unable to attend a meeting, or running our meetings etc. Life goes on, well she had the opportunity to go with another sister from our ward to Brazil for 3 weeks. She's been gone about 2- 1/2 ish now I think.(They'll be back this week sometime, but I don't remember the exact date) In the meanwhile I have been filling in at meetings, and discussing with the bishopric about callings, and taking care of visiting teaching, going to leadership training meetings, etc. No big deal right? It's only 3 weeks so I knew it'd be ok. So a couple weeks ago when they first left I went to ward council in her place. She hadn't really left me much info but I knew a few concerns that I felt needed attention regarding relief society and things coming up, this was what I went to the meeting concerned with:
1. Enrichment night, and the enrichment committee members
2. Graduating HS seniors and the activities for them, incl CES Broadcast
3. Other RS callings and new girls needing callings

So I was in ward council and when it got to be my turn and they asked if I had anything for RS, I mentioned #1 about enrichment, and they said "we were going to talk to you about that...we will talk after" so I was like "ok" onto number 2, this one they said "you are way ahead of us, we were going to talk to you about that" and someone else said "speaking of that weren't we going to ask someone to fill in as head of the food for that?" (meaning me...... because my RS president went with the girl who is the break the fast chairperson....) so they wanted me to be in charge of getting the dinner stuff done for the CES broadcast tonight. They said they would talk to me about it after. Ok I said and I mentioned callings and the new girls, and guess what they said??? Yup they were planning to talk to me about that after as well!!! :) Good times! I think I said something fun along the lines of "I knew I was filling in for pres, but I didn't know I was E's replacement as well." So pretty much all the stuff I had on my mind was the same stuff they had in mind FOR me! UGH... so then the ward exec sec. who was sitting next to me said "while you're at it doing everyone else's stuff do you want to take over scheduling the Bishops appointments too?" I was like sure bring it on! :)

The meeting continued like normal and at times I gave my input, all was well, except I knew that after I was going to be talked to! Which I was and I think it took about half of Sunday school to go over it all! Later in the meeting when they got around to one of the guys and asked him if he had anything else for the meeting he was like "Renee is handling that, Renee got this, Renee, Renee, Renee, nope I think Renee has it all" It was kinda funny I guess....

So I have been handling things well I suppose. Life goes on. The RS stuff is easy enough, I went to a couple meetings and handled some callings and so forth, but otherwise all was well. Enrichment is scheduled and we have gotten more people on the committee as well as some other callings filled. Today was the dinner. Two weeks ago, I looked in the activities closet and made my list of needs for the dinner, and last week I did sign ups. This week I had to handle calling to remind people they signed up, as well as reminding the graduating seniors about the dinner (the other girls helped too) yesterday I did some shopping as well as got stuff from the building. Today was stake conference. All was well. I had everything bought and either in my car or in the fridge at home. After stake conf. I knew I needed to dice tomato, cook meat and shred lettuce. Things were good, until I got a migraine. Luckily I got it under control before it got really bad. After conf I was worn out but came home and started cutting. Than stopped to start the meat and my mom came home and took over the tomatoes for me (I didn't ask her to she just did, I was thankful for the help) she also shredded the lettuce while I was handling the meat. Then I went to the building. Dinner went well, I was still feeling kinda "off" so I didn't watch the broadcast, instead I started bagging up the left-overs and was cleaning up the kitchen and towards the end of the broadcast I was getting the banana split stuff ready. After that we cleaned up. It went really well. During clean up my knee was starting to hurt though. I was feeling stiff but a couple times when I took a step I got a sharp pain through my knee and felt like I was going to fall down. Im glad I didn't. Nobody seemed to notice which was good. Eventually we got it all sorted out and cleaned-up and my car loaded. I came home put my ice machine on my knee and took a nap! It was great.

Pres and E. will be home this week sometime! Thank goodness, I will be glad to be back to only doing my calling instead of 3 in 1. It's been a fun and growing experience I suppose! :)

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