Sunday, May 10, 2009

Want vs Need

This is always a tricky topic especially among women who love to shop. Me I can get myself into trouble way too easily (and often do) and lately I was made aware of a new Samsung camera phone from T-mobile. It has an 8 megapixel camera on it, and is a touch screen phone. Ohh way exciting was my first thought because I love my phone and I especially love taking pictures and always carry my camera with me... this way I could condense a little from time to time.... It was way exciting until I saw the $500 price tag, even if i update my account it had a $400 price tag. Too much for my disabilty budget. Besides I just got a new phone last year. So it wasn't really a "need". But that didn't stop me from doing research about it. I was excited still but learned it's battery life isn't the greatest if you use it frequently..... well of course I would be using it frequently if it's my phone and camera! I am not sure why they didn't plan that part out a little better. But while doing research Ilearned there is a motorola phone (I have always liked motorola phone features) that had a 5 megapixel camera on it, and it got better reviews. But it is not a touch screen phone.

So in the meanwhile my mom's phone has a broken screen and powers itself off at random etc. She "needs" a new phone. So we went to t-mobile so she could look at and play with the phones and check out the features. I played with the Samsung Memoir and did actually like it for the most part but the guy did say that yes the battery life stinks if used frequently. So that would drive me nuts! So I also looked at and played with the Motorola Zine while there too. I decided I really like the zine a lot better. So when I came home, just out of curiosity I checked online to see what my price would be with an upgrade since it's a $350 phone. It would still cost me $270. I decided again it was a want and not a need. I wasn't going to buy it or anything until I could get a lot better discount (plus by then they may have a newer better version anyway)

So then on Fri I was at Disneyland with my sister and a couple friends. We were having a lot of fun. It was going well. Late in the evening my mom texted me to ask if it was the new sidekick lx that I had liked in the tmobile store. I told her it was alright but that I liked a motorola phone better. She told me she had gotten a text to pre-order it and get a discount. I told her it was cool because even though I want a new phone I don't need a new phone. I was being a good girl! So then she was telling me she needs one. I said yeah. Then because we were getting onto a ride I put my phone in the side pocket of my purse where it had been all day long when I wasn't using it. We got on the ride and then a little while later I went to make a phone call.....

My phone wouldn't dial any numbers! I thought well that's weird! SO I played around with it a bit and discovered none of the buttons were working for me. I couldn't even get it to turn off! UGH so finally I took the battery out to "reset" it. I put it back in and when I turned it on the screen was completely blank except a line across the middle that said "download" I didn't know what that meant. I pushed some buttons and waited and nothing happened. So I took the battery out again. Then it turned on normally. Even some of the buttons were working, but not all of them. If I wanted to push 0 I got 8. I was so frustrated. So every time I tried something I either got no response what-so-ever or I got a response completely different than what I pushed.

I thought it was interesting how I went from having a conversation where I was being an adult and acknowledging I didn't need a new phone to within an hour seeming like I did! So the rest of the night my phone only worked for what it wanted to. I managed to read a text from my mom but couldn't respond so I had my sister text her back for me. I came home and figured I would try charging it and see if it was better in the morning and I was getting some more texts but this time I couldn't even read them! So I went to bed. But before I fell asleep I remembered I had a phone I had gotten for free for being a "good customer" and so I switched into it. (I had offered the phone to my mom in the past since she needs a phone but she didn't like it so she doesn't want it, I don't want you thinking I am keeping good phones from my mom) I called on Sat to see what it would cost for my phone and found out it is under warranty!!! Woohoo, so I am getting a replacement phone for free. Even though i still want the zine I am glad I don't have to pay anything for a new phone right now! I really am trying to be better with my finances!

I was a little worried though because my sim card is full so I had a lot of numbers I was unable to access in my phone memory. I thought I had lost them but the tech guy reminded me about being able to sync numbers to the my t-mobile account and luckily i had in the past so I was able to sync the back-up phone and so I have all my numbers too! Wooo good thing!

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