Thursday, May 7, 2009


I have had my car now for 4 years and not quite 8 months. Yesterday it landmarked. I hit 100,000 miles!!!! I knew it was coming and then it happened! I know it may seem a trivial thing to blog about and it isn't something I should be excited about but I have been very blessed with my Honda CR-V. I (knock on wood) haven't had any major, major problems with it. I do get regular oil changes and I have changed the air filter a few times. I have also replaced the brakes and one headlight. The only major problem I have had with my car was when a piece of wire came through my radiator puncturing it. I had to have the car towed home and within a day or two I installed a new radiator in it. My dad helped guide me what to do, but I was the one under the car taking it apart and getting greasy! I loved it!

In the time I have had my car I have gotten 2 flat tires. But I have never changed one of my flats (although I do know how) because the first one was 2 weeks after I had wrist surgery and I was on my way to Thousand Oaks for physical therapy from Oxnard (where my ward was staying in a beach house) so one of the guys came and met me and changed it. The second one I didn't change because it happened late one night as I was driving home from work. It was dark and I didn't feel safe because I didn't have adequate lighting. So I called my roadside assistance from my cell phone plan. It didn't cost me anything but the reading time in the car waiting for the tow guy, and I got to meet a nice CHP guy who stopped and then he waited in his car behind me, and I waited in my car until after the tow guy was done to make sure I was safe :)

My car has been washed numerous times, waxed about 4 times and has been through the rain and snow. It has beat the heat in CA and has traveled up north as well as to Utah and back several times. It has been a good car to me! I still love it today as much as the day I drove it off the lot on Sept 17 2004! When I left it had 37 miles on it! Crazy huh?? I can't help but wonder if I hadn't injured and then re-injured my knee how long ago I would've reached this milestone? I know it would've been a long time ago and I wonder what my mileage would be today??
So I am including a picture. I had gotten my camera out knowing I was close to my 100k, and then went and got gas and forgot that's why I had it out and put it away, than just barely remembered and looked, so I was 1 miles late in taking the picture, but this way it's a palindrome! :) It's kinda weird but I am constantly watching my odometer for palindromes in my mileage. Ok so I know I am a little strange. But hey you are the one reading my blog about the mileage in my car, so there!! :-P

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  1. I can just see you sitting there staring at the odometer when you should be watching the road. :o) He he he. That's cool. I was with someone else once when they hit a big number, and they wanted a picture of it... was that you as well? I can't remember. Hm. Anyway, it is indeed a blessing to have a good car in good working condition.