Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Extreme Renee Makeover!

Well maybe not so extreme but it was fun anyway and I love trying to come up with creative titles for my blog entries... so there it is.

Today I went to lunch with my friend Angela and then I went with her to the salon as she was getting her hair done. (She had purchased one of those package things where you pay in advance and get like 4 visits where they do different stuff) anyway as we were there I was thinking maybe I should do something different with my hair... but I wasn't sure what or when (since I have no money). Anyway after that she asked me what my plans were for the rest of the day and I said I didn't really have anything planned so she said "let's go get pedicures, my treat" I told her my feet would probably scare the pedicurist out of work! Anyway we went. We did the spa/pedicure. I have never before today ever gone and gotten a pedicure! It was really really nice!! They sat me in a nice massaging chair and I got to put my feet in the spa foot bath thing. They cleaned up my toe-nails and massaged my feet and legs (below the knee) they also did a callus removal thing! I need that stuff they used and the power sander thingy too! It's incredible how soft and smooth my feet are now!!! It was kinda gross too as they were removing them! Anyway I picked a purple color... this is my feet tonight, I love that you can kinda see where I am starting to get my annual flip flop tan!

SO than because she had to be at work a little while later and I had to pick up Jen from work a little while later I dropped her off at home. But than before I drove away I called a sister from church and asked if she was able to cut my hair for me. She said to come on over so I did. I told her I was ready for a change. Normally when I go for a cut it's usually just that, a trim mostly occasionally a longer cut. This time I told her I wanted to mostly keep the length but I wanted to get some layers! So she trimmed it up for me, and gave me some layers. It's different for me since I cannot remember really ever doing layers before or if I did they were minimal so it wasn't a big deal. She asked if I wanted long or short layers in the back and I said it didn't matter so she said she'd do long ones and I could go shorter if I wanted afterwards. Then once she was cutting I said just do short ones, I want a change and it'll grow back. So she layered up my hair for me! Now i took this picture just a little bit ago so it's the end of the night and my make-up isn't fresh or anything but heres a little bit of what it looks like now, they are not the best pictures, but as far as a self portrait it's as good as it's going to get tonight!


  1. You actually posted pictures on your blog! Wow!!!!

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!! I love getting my feet massaged and my hair cut. Mmm...