Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Names have been changed...

I have mentioned in a past post about how I rarely remember my dreams. It seems like I cannot usually remember them unless they are really unusual. Well in the past 2 nights I have had 2 dreams that I remember. One left me feeling pretty good and I was mad that I woke up without seeing anything more and the one last night left me kinda creeped out.... I have changed names to protect those involved! :)

Sunday night's dream:
In this dream the setting was I think my backyard... not 100% sure if it was my house or not, but I do know it was a backyard and it was a party event. Although I don't know why we were having a party. It seemed to me like I was the host of the party but I wasn't really doing much hosting either. The scene I recall from the dream was very short. So we had long rectangular tables set up in the back for the party. It was night time and dark out but there were lights or the moon or something. I don't really remember. At the end of the table was a guy I'll call "Gary" and next to him at what would be like the head of the table was a guy I'll call "Bob". Across from Gary was another guy but I don't know a name or anything about him I just know there was someone there. As I said I felt like I was hosting this party but I wasn't doing much hosting. In fact it seems like I was still having knee problems in the dream because I had some sort of new knee brace on. (It was different from the ones I currently have...) I sat down next to Gary. In front of him was a huge piece of carrot cake. It was Gary's cake. For some reason in the dream i knew that was the last piece of cake too. (but I don't know if that really has any sort of significance) so all of a sudden Bob kinda scooted his chair closer to Gary and with his hand took like half of his piece of cake and ate it. Gary didn't seem to mind and actually got his fork and started eating the cake too. So in the dream up to this point I had kinda liked Gary but witnessing this made me think that maybe Gary and Bob were a couple (yuck...) so I was kinda of sad. But around the same time my knee was getting sore and so I kinda put it up (I'm not sure on what) but I put it up right next to Gary's leg. It wasn't on his leg but I think I kinda wanted it to be, it was really close to it though. At the same time that I was putting my leg up next to Gary's,Bob walked away. As soon as he was gone Gary made a move like he was stretching/yawning (like you always see guys do in movies to put their arm around a girl) and it made me feel nice because it seemed like Gary was about to do that to me,and so I knew at that point he was not interested in Bob at all. But than all of a sudden instead of putting his arm around me he started massaging my knee. Which was what I had been wanting to do, but I hadn't wanted to draw attention to the fact that my knee was hurting. So it felt really nice and it was like he knew how I was feeling! So it was an even nicer feeling than if he had put his arm around me because it was like we were connected. ...... than I woke up!!!!! Dang it! I wanted to know what happened between Gary and I from there...... there was no conversation at all in that dream! I will say though that Gary is someone in my current life that I am interested in getting to know more about... but nobody knows really knows about him in my current life situation... so if you're reading this and know about someone I may like.... it's not who you're thinking of....

So last night dream #2:
This dream was the one that kinda creeped me out a bit... it also involves the same guy from my current life, "Gary" in this dream I had been at a friends house I'll call her "Rose"... we were hanging out with her and her close guy friend "Sean". But it was getting late so I was going to go home. On the way home I had decided to go check the clearance rack for some fabric. But I didn't go to a fabric store. It was actually the library, but in the back of the library was like a JoAnn's fabric store with all the fabric and craft stuff. But it was all connected. (I told you this one was creepy and weird) The other thing that was odd about it was once I got inside I wasn't wearing clothes anymore I had my shower towels on. It was like I had just taken a shower at Rose's house before I left for home, but didn't want to put my dirty clothes back on for the shopping. So here I was at the library/fabric store and I wanted to check the clearance rack to get some discount fabric. When I saw a customer I knew from awhile ago from a previous job (actually in the dream I saw several people I used to know from work...), she was on the computer's trying to find some sort of gardening book and asked me for help to look it up. So I went to the computer near her and was starting to look, when Gary came and sat next to me. At this point I didn't think he recognized me, so I kinda leaned sideways so my hair towel would fall between us because I didn't want him to see me basically naked. He didn't seem to realize it was me. I even tried to not talk at that point so he wouldn't hear my voice either. So I finished there and quickly tried to go to where the clearance racks should be. (at this point I still don't know why I am not dressed and I don't know why I didn't go get my clothes on but I didn't) I got to the fabric part of the store and it was completely desolate, there were barely even any scraps to look through. I was disappointed, but I went to go to the bathroom to call Rose and tell her that Gary was there and while walking down the hallway towards the girls room Gary was coming the other direction out of the hallway. He said hi and I was so embarrassed I barely said hi back and kept walking. Somehow after this point I managed to get some brown pants on and a white blouse but for some reason I was still struggling to keep my towel around me because I still felt I was being immodest and didn't want Gary to see me. But he sat down at a desk thing and I was sitting next to him, he was there to study and some of his flash cards got mangled and fell to the floor. I picked them up for him and was trying to straighten them out and was offering to help him re-write them on new 3x5 cards when Rose came up behind us. I don't remember calling her but there she was. So I introduced her to him and she was kind of behind us where we were sitting. ...... Gary was asking about what we had been doing and so we told him we had been hanging out at Rose's house and I said but there was someone else there I just don't remember who and neither could Rose. It was weird... I think I just couldn't remember Sean being there but Rose didn't want to say it was Sean who was there.... (then there is a pause because I don't remember anything from that moment to this next part of the dream) .... so we had been sitting at the one desk thing and the next thing I remember we were in a different part of the library and it was just Rose and I and there was some other girl I don't know sitting behind me. Rose was standing and I was on a tall stool thing. At that point Rose tells me "be careful with him, he just tried to kiss me" but for some reason in the dream I couldn't remember him being with her without me present. The girl sitting behind me was like "yeah it's true I kinda saw it" but I still felt it wasn't true. It wasn't that I thought Rose was lying I was trusting her 100% with what she was telling me but I couldn't remember him being close enough to her to try and kiss her.... then Gary came over to where we were and we were all kinda hanging out and I was like "I just remembered it was Sean who we were with" and Rose kinda gave me a dirty look like she didn't want me to mention we had been hanging out with a guy but than she was like "yeah my boyfriend is weird like that" to make herself seem unavailable so that Gary would feel guilty about trying to kiss her and not me. Then I remember thinking I had clothes in my car that I could put on so that I wouldn't have to walk around in my towel anymore so I was going to go do that but when I went to the front doors of the library they were starting to lock up to close, but I looked at my watch and it was 2:17am. I was surprised they were locking up so early because they were supposed to be open until 2:30. So I didn't go out because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get back in, so I went back to Gary and Rose and told them it was time to go they were locking up. So Gary gathered his books to leave I had my towel and Rose didn't have anything.... that's when I woke up...... I don't know what any of it means!!! But it was really creeepy!

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  1. Truly bizarre. Now you've made me curious. Who is Gary?