Saturday, June 6, 2009


So I was sitting back in my chair thinking how lame it was of me to forget when I noticed on my monitor some fortunes from some fortune cookies I have gotten and remembered that was what I wanted to blog about! Tonight we had Panda Express for dinner because my friend was doing a fundraiser there an so 20% of the proceeds were going to be donated to the Avon breast Cancer Crusade.... during dinner my nephew Elijah gave me a fortune cookie and told me it was mine. So I saved it and waited until I was done with my food to open my cookie. This is what my fortune said: Be adventuresome, try a new look. It kinda made me laugh because it was just on mon that I layered my hair. But since than I have been kinda unsure how to style/do my hair each day. I have noticed if I just brush it and do nothing it looks kinda lame and really fluffy... but if I put some anti-frizz type stuff that I have in it than it becomes kinda flat. So tonight I bought some mousse to try. I have tried mousse in my hair in the past and it never really did much, but I am hoping with the layers it will give it the volume it needs!

Than later this evening as I was watching a movie I had the munchies. I had gone out to the kitchen and I grabbed another cookie... I opened it up and that fortune said: Your career plans look bright. Which I was also glad to get because I decided this week that I am going to apply for some dispatcher jobs and see what happens! So it made me feel good. Both my fortunes kinda went with my situation this week! It was pretty cool! Although I know what a cookie says sorta has no relevance to real life per say but I always like being hopeful when I get a fun one!

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  1. I have all my fortune cookie fortunes for years back. I like to save them, then read them every once in a while to see if they've come true or not.