Wednesday, June 17, 2009

College life

So right out of high school I did some college. I went to Moorpark and had gotten a lot of general ed stuff done. I was there from the fall of 97 to fall of 99. Than in Jan 200 I had wrist surgery and have had many since and went to work as an EMT and never really went back to school except for EMS related stuff. I have known for a month or so now that I was going to be running out of disability income on the 19th, I learned yesterday that because my doctor appointment isn't until the end of the month even though my money runs out on the 19th, I cannot collect unemployment until after the 26th when my disability is up. That only being if the doctor releases me to be eligible for work again in any compacity. Than there is a 3 week turn around for unemployment. After the 3 weeks they will either do a phone interview (which she said I likely won't need) and then take 10 days to make a decision and then start paying me, or if I don't need the interview it will still be like 10-12 days before they start processing any checks for me. So I won't have any income until the end of July either way. But the uneployment lady I spoke with suggested I file for a federal grant that is for the uneployed and go back to school. This way I would have the grant money to help me financially. So I signed up again for moorpark college. I applied for financial aid and today I went to the college and spoke with a counselor. I got a copy of my transcript and she showed me what I need to get my associates. I only need like 4 classes! With the classes I have taken and the 4 I need to take I will probably be able to get my associates with an emphasis on physical science or humanities!!

Based on what I need to take and what I would like to take from the options I came uip with a couple ideas on what to register for. Unfortunately since the second part of the summer session starts next week those options were already full. :-( but I found 2 other classes that I do need that will also apply for the associates and so I am registered to take 2 history classes. It will be 6 units of school. One is western civilization 2, which covers from the 17th century until the present and the other is the history of the american woman! I'm not really sure what I have gotten myself into but I know it will be exciting! I will be in class from 8-10:15 than from 10:30 to 12:45 on Mon-Thurs! If nothing else it will get me out of my current late night sleep in habit which I have been wanting to break! I am excited though! I am ready for a change and it will be exciting to possibly by the end of next semester say I have a degree! It's pretty crazy! It's all so last minute and I don't really know what to think but I am glad! I've kinda wanted to go back to school a bunch of times but because of health reasons or work conflicts I never really could and now I am!

In the meanwhile I have applied to test for CHP for a dispatcher position. I don't really know yet if they have accepted my application and if I am going to be able to test but I really hope so. Maybe I will be doing all my testing and stuff for them and able to get hired on about the time I finish school and be able to start working than! It would be amazing if I get the grant and am able to stay up with my bills this summer than get my unemployment (which will retro pay me for the month of July once everything is processed) and then return to a working environment! I really hope it all works out!

I guess this week once I get my check I need to go buy some school supplies... that seems really weird to me, I also need to get my history books! I guess on Fri it will be another trip to the college for me!


  1. That is SO COOL!!! And wow, I didn't know you were alive in January of the year 200! Guess your history classes should be pretty easy then, eh? :o) That American Woman one sounds interesting. Good luck!

  2. I took the American Woman History at Moorpark and loved it. Western Civ was hard to stay awake in. Good luck. Learning is fun and the prophet is always telling us to learn more. I'm proud of you.