Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I was looking for you.....

Ok so today I went to Disneyland with my friend A. (and not in my dreams.... this was the real park with the real Mickey Mouse and everything....I know because I saw him there!!) Ok so we spent all day there and it was around 7:15pm. We were heading from the Jungle Cruise to the wheelchair viewing area to watch Fantasmic. I was in the wheelchair and A was pushing me. As we were heading towards the area we were about to pass some employees. There was a guy and a gal to our right and one guy to our left. The guy on the right says "I'm right here" so I said "ok good because I was looking for you" This kinda left him dumbfounded for a second, then he stopped and gave me a funny look and says "oh, ummm" and he started to say something about how he was talking to the other guy and A. was like "we know" and the girl was kinda laughing as was A and myself. We were laughing pretty hard at this time, and as we continued to walk. She even had to stop pushing me for a moment because she was laughing so hard and the guy still looked pretty confused. Apparantly he didn't get the joke!! It was funny!

Anyway I am so glad we went. We had a ton of fun and it was nice to get away amongst all the other stuff I am dealing with right now. I did pass my class this weekend which is exciting! I was pretty stressed out about it and the whole weekend was pretty exhausting but today made up for it by a longshot!!! Thank goodness for Mickey Mouse! Oh and an employee told me where to find the hidden mickey on Indiana Jones that I have been trying to find forever. But she said you only have 3 seconds to see it or its too late. Also another employee told me where to find one in the elevator in the Haunted Mansion! SO I am excited about that too! Except it was closed today, I think it's because they are still taking down the Nightmare Before Christmas stuff which is kinda a bummer! Although I do love it both ways in all reality!!! Oh and the other kinda sad part was they changed the sauce of the pasta I absolutely love!!! Sad sad sad! It's still good but just not the same!!! They are doing a ton of stuff in the park and a lot of areas were closed off. It will be interesting to see what happens overall! Oh and I almost forgot..... when we went to ride Pirates of the Caribbean the lines were not too bad overall.... but the guy filled a boat. Then had us get in the 3rd row of the next boat.... but he did not put anyone else in the boat...then he filled the boat behind us!!! I am not sure why he gave us our own boat but we thought it was pretty darn cool!!!

In case you weren't sure.... I still love DL!!! Don't forget... "I was looking for you!"

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