Friday, January 9, 2009

My Cane and I

Ok so as much as I don't want to feel or look like an old lady (or like I am just playing around faking or something) I decided to do what my doctor suggested and use a cane until the surgery instead of the crutches.... but I don't like the one my dad has (I used it once for the Temple and preferred the crutches) and so I knew if I was going to use one I was going to have to find one I liked more than dad's and buy it. But then again because I didn't want to look old etc I figured I would get it and sew a cover for it so it would be more "hip" or something. Well last night I went to teach an investigator with the missionaries and after I really didn't want to go home so I went to Wally World (aka Walmart incase you don't know the lingo) I went to the pharmacy section and they had a total of 3 or 4 canes to choose from. One was a fold up cane...ummm no thanks I don't need it to collapse on me. ANother was one that was silver and had the big thing at the bottom instead of just the tip.... ummm way to elderly for me..... and then they had two other ones that were adjustable in height. One was a funky purple-ish type metal colored one that had a curved handle.... that one was similiar to my dad's because of the handle which was what I didn't like about it. The last one was a black adjustable one with a more flat handle with a padded cover. This one seemed good to me and it was only $11.17 plus tax. I'm not really sure how they came up with that price but it seemed way reasonable and I chose to buy it. When I finished walking around and they were about to close I purchased my stuff ( I also bought a few cards some diet coke and a couple other little things) I came home. I decided I needed to adjust the height of my new cane and then figure out how to decorate it. But the darn thing wouldn't adjust. I tried and tried to pull the bottom part out, I even put my foot on the handle and pulled with my hands but it was not budging. My mom tried to use the rubber things you use to grip a jar to open it easier and it still wouldn't go. So she pulled one end and I the other and yup you guessed it no budging!!! So I gave up and figured today I would exchange it.

This afternoon after donating blood, picking up Christian from school and running a couple other errands I went back to Wally World to exchange the cane for one I could actually adjust to my height. I went to get another one and there was only one other one like I had purchased and it too wouldn't budge. So I went ahead and took it to the return counter and told the lady it was the same way and unless she could find someone who was able to adjust it I just wanted to return the one I bought. She took it to some of the guys and they were like "it's not moving" so I got my $11.98 back (that was the total with tax) and we left. I decided since Rite Aid was on LA ave on the way home I would stop and see what they had. They had a HUGE selection!!! They had so many canes they were in two places! I already knew I wanted one that was more flat on top then curved. So I was looking at an adjustable one that had two color or blue. I thought about buying the pink one.... they also had several that had a swirled type design on them and there were several color options: red, black, blue, green. I kinda liked the black one, but I wish they maybe had a purple. They had one that had some funky looking plant leave things on it.... it was pretty hideous looking. They had one with the lights of Las Vegas all over it. It even said Las Vegas.... Christian liked that one. I promptly reminded him I don't gamble and so I didn't really care for it. They had an ugly plaid one and a few other ones... and they had a red-ish colored polka dot one. Now red isn't really my favorite color.... if you ask I will tell you that my favorite colors are purple and blue. I don't say it's my favorite but I also like pink. But I liked the polka dots even though the base color was red. I thought it was less elderly-like and kinda fun. I also liked the plain pink one. I could easily wrap it with some ribbon and it'd be more girlie and fun too. Both of them had a flatter type handle which is what I knew I wanted. The handle on the pink one was kind of contoured for the palm and fingers and it said on the tag it was "easy on the wrist" the handle was rubber like. The dotted one was also flatter on top (I didn't look at any curved ones) but it wasn't as contoured as the pink one for fingers, but it did have padding like the cheaper wally world black one.

I could see several price tags for the canes that mostly said $21.99 and I wasn't sure if I liked that price. But then when I really thought about it I knew it meant at least a couple weeks without crutches until my surgery. I also knew that when I have the surgery I know I will have to go back to the crutches but in time as I recover I may find a time when I am not quite as steady as I can be but not wanting them then either, I would again be able to use the cane. So I can use it now and then and it would overall be a good investment, maybe even when I really am elderly! I knew I didn't want to pay more than the $21.99 but I couldn't find the tags for the exact canes I was looking at. I decided I would go to the register and see how much they each were, and see if one happened to be cheaper than the other and that would be my decision maker. I knew that if they were the same I would have to decide. So while walking to the register I kinda walked a little with both of them to see which I liked more. I kinda liked them both. The contours were nice and it felt comfortable, but the padding was also really nice..... as I waited in line I decided that if they were the same price I liked the polka dots more. The padding was one of the big decision makers, because I thought even though the contours were nice the rubber may get slippery if my hands happened to sweat or something, plus it just wasn't padded! Otherwise they almost felt the same when it came to use. The finger spots weren't as obvious when using the cane anyway. Plus the dots need less decoration for a younger lady like myself to not feel as old with the cane! They were both the same price of $21.99 so I bought the polka dots! I was thinking I may even get some streamers like you see in the handlebars of kids bikes and attach it to the back of my cane handle :) Anyway I attached pictures of my new walking aide. It's kind of nice to be able to retire the crutches for a brief spell even though I know they will be back in my life sooner rather than later! Such is life for a klutz as myself! I can't believe I have been walking with them since like Sept! It's rediculous! Often I would just leave the crutches in the car because it was easier. But easier at the time often meant pain later. But now with the cane it's less bulky and still easier but hopefully also still more pain friendly. Life is good.... at least hopefully getting better! Even with the crazy week I have had so far I do feel a little better now than I have been. Less tears too!

Well I should be getting to bed. I have my brother in law's Sheriff Reserve Academy graduation to attend in the morning! TTFN!


  1. Hey thats awesome! I had no idea that you could go on an adventure to find the perfect cane. I'm glad you found that one that best suites you!

  2. That's great with the polka dots! And canes are useful for lots of things--plays, walking on snow and ice, fending off thugs, etc. I wish I had my cane with me here, but it's in a box in the garage in California. Sigh.

    I'm glad you got a cute one!