Wednesday, January 14, 2009

NO Chaise.....

OK so a couple days ago I had a thought.... (and nope I didn't blow any fuses, before anybody gets any funny ideas to make fun of me) with my upcoming knee surgery I think it would be nice to have a chaise lounge style chair to use post-op. For me with my current knee condition I have a hard time getting comfortable on the couches at home. WHen I have the ACL reconstruction done I will have to basically keep my leg out in front of me constantly and elevate it regularly with ice and stuff. So since i can't get comfortable now on the couches I figured this will be worse after surgery. I knew awhile ago I had seen one at Big Lots (formally known as Pic N Save) that I had really liked and if I had the money then I probably would've bought it (it was $300). KNowing I still can't afford that much money today my friend Ang and I went thrift store shopping in the San Fernando Valley. We probably hit up 8-10 stores which really did a number on my knee (even with the cane) It wore me out too! I was (and still am) super tired!Then after we got back to Simi I went to 2 more thrift stores. I had NO luck finding one! Last night I was online for several hours checking all the websites of stores I thought I might find one in for a reasonable price... I even used the search engine for "cheap chaises" without finding anything. I checked the pennysaver online last night and when I searched for chaise I mostly got ads for diningroom tables!!! Very frustrating! So then tonight I looked again and found 1 for $150, but I don't even know if they still have it, if I will like it and if I really can afford it. I am hoping if it turns out I do like it, maybe if I offer them $100 cash on the spot they will accept it?? We shall see. I did also check many other websites and stores online tonight... everything I am finding is either for outdoor, doesn't look comfortable or usable, or is just way too expensive! I really hope it works out so that I can be comfy!
However tonight after much more unsuccessful chaise searches online I have been considering other possibilities (and searching a few of them too) for instance I was looking at oversized bean bag chairs. But that may pose a problem when it comes to getting up..... My mom said that a toddler bed might be a possibility (we could re-inforce it for my weight) although I think the height of a toddler bed my present a problem for me with getting up or down. But we still have not done any garage sale searching or otherwise. Maybe if I can find a nice futon or something that might be a nice possibility also. If I did find a nice futon it could be double helpful if I have a problem getting onto my high bed :) I don't know like my mom said tonight I don't even have my surgery scheduled so I have a little time, although I don't want to procrastinate! Plus I will likely be taking my EMT recertification course at the end of the month so I can do it before I am unable to walk and so I won't be able to look then and the surgery is likely to be scheduled soon thereafter!


  1. Could you use an ottoman? That way you could still use the couch but have your leg stretched out in front of you, and they're a bit cheaper than chaise longes.

  2. I wish you luck finding a chair that will suit you the best and ultimately will not give you any problems. =) Miss ya!