Monday, January 26, 2009


Just wondered why life couldn't be less stressful or more easy or more fun or something?? I have been getting a sense of depression lately because I feel so overwhelmed with all that I am trying to comprehend and deal with right now. I have been getting migraine headaches and feeling lightheaded to the point I think I may pass out. I have noticed my eyes feel strained with my contacts or my glasses. (I have an eye appointment soon so if it's a rx problem it will be fixed) I just wish there wasn't so much on my plate right now! I wish aflac would stop denying my check so I can pay my bills. I wish weight loss would be easier and I wish I had already tested for my refresher class! I wish a lot of things!
Funniest thing is I don't normally remember my dreams but I had 2 really weird ones last night and I remember them both....Even though it may make me sound a little psycho I am going to share them although names have been omitted for personal reasons although I might add that the people in my dreams who I can place a face for were people I don't really see much or at all or even if they are friends we don't hang out a lot so they are not close friends.....

Dream 1:

I was at my house, but the layout of my house was slightly different, but the oven was the same as the one we now have and that was what stood out to me (it could've been a different house all together with my current oven??) . I was pregnant and close to delivering my baby but I was not married. I have no idea who the father was for the baby in my dream but there was a guy there (whose name I do not know since it wasn't someone I recognize) and another female friend who I don't recognize either. Anyway for some reason I knew that my mom was not going to support my baby and I, and she wasn't even happy that I was having a baby. Anyway this mystery guy friend was like a best friend of mine (again I don't know he he was) but he was not my boyfriend or anything and he was not the father of my baby. But he was helping me. I told him the baby was coming and he said "let's get you to the hospital" and I said there wasn 't enough time sat down and I was holding onto the handle for the oven and within a few seconds my baby was delivered and he "caught" the baby. It was a girl, he wrapped her in towels and we took her to the sink to clean her up and then people started arriving for a party I was having. I never went ot the hospital or got any care for myself or the baby. The people that came for the party were a bunch of siblings I know and their current families (I know the siblings currently but not their familes, but I don't really talk to any of them anymore) and I was showing them my new baby. I even remember telling the guy what I wanted to name her but I can't recall that now. I don't think it was too common though......

Dream 2:

It was dark and I had just arrived at none other than my favorite amusement park Disneyland with a friend of mine from church. (name omitted, but it is someone I see regulary at church now...) anyway for some reason the entrance and even parking and everything was way different from now. We showed up and basically parked in a residential area. We had taken my car and we went to wait in line to get in. But the lines and entrance was not like it is now, there were no ticket booths or anything but there was one of those zig-zag line things that you have to wait in. So she and I got in line. But then I was like "I have to get my backpack out of my car so stay here in line and I will be right back" (I don't know why I didn't take it in the first place) and she was like "can you get my purse too?" so I said sure. When I got to my car there was something moving on the back seat and it kinda scared me at first. Then I noticed it was my dog Medic and he was kinda like hiding under a red blanket (kinda like in the movies when the little brother sneaks out to tag along on his siblings date.... he had snuck out) I wasn't sure how he had gotten there or why but I got my bag and her brown purse and I cracked the car windows so I wouldn't be charged with animal cruelty for leaving him in the car. I knew it was an unsafe neighborhood where we had parked the car so I figured if nothing else he would bark and scare anyone away who was going to try and steal my car. I noticed when I turned the key to roll the windows down that it was 10pm. I knew that we wouldn't be in the park for long and I planned to leave Medic in the car. Then I woke up......

So um yeah. I think that I am a little stressed out considering my medical ailments, my constant overwhelmed sensation and all my other emotional feelings I have been fighting especially when I start having really weird dreams like that!!! Well goodnight all!!

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  1. Very interesting dreams. Giving birth, I think, would symbolize something new and important in your life, something just starting, and it looks like it came quickly and turned out ok, though you weren't quite sure where it came from.

    Going to Disneyland is a common thing for you, and may represent something safe and familiar, but in this case, the safe and familiar was not familiar, and was not even particularly safe. This indicates that those things that you would normally find comforting and familiar are possibly the things that are causing you the most stress.

    I think the party after having a baby also may indicate that you are getting confused and will soon try to leave the house wearing a towel on your head.


    Ta-da! Dream interpretation by Betty!