Friday, January 16, 2009


I just wanted to say that my mom is the greatest ever!!! So the other night I posted about not having any luck finding a chaise..... the very next day I was telling my mom that I had seen a jogging stroller at one of the Simi Thrift stores and so we went back so she could check it out. When we pulled up in front there was a chaise!!!! It was so weird! ANyway we asked the guy if it was for sale and he said yes for $100. Everything in the store is on sale though for 15% off making it $85 plus tax. I sat on it and so did mom and we were thinking about purchasing it as it was fairly comfy. So then we walked in the store a little more and noticed a 2 piece couch unit that goes into a corner and makes an L shape when both pieces are together. Well the one piece of the L basically was a chaise as well. The couch unit was also $100. My mom told the guy that since this was 2 pieces and the one out front was only 1 piece it should be $50 not $100 and he said the one in front was $100 because it's leather. (I am not a specialist or anything but I thought it could be vinyl.... but I am not familiar with leather to know for sure....) anyway we tested the couch out and discussed it a little. We talked about how the one we currently have is pretty uncomfy (in my opinion) that because it's in 3 pieces and they are not properlly locked together it slides and stuff. Etc. We talked about how this one is a little smaller so it will seat one or two less people. I reminded her we don't often throw big parties thus requiring a mass amount of seating (just when family is all together) But we discussed how it is smaller and thus would open up the room even more (we recently removed a wall and put in new flooring making the house seem way bigger) Anyway I thought this couch was way more comfortable. One downside to it was it's color. Kinda a cream beige white or something like that. Not exactly kid friendly and it seemed to already have some evidence of spills and such. We discussed washing the cusion covers and even making a slip cover for the whole couch anyway.
Well we talked a bit. I liked the couch and I wasn't quite sure if my mom completely did or not. Now as far back as I can remember we have always had second hand living room furniture. The couches at least and we have had several couches!!! Anyway as I said I was not sure if my mom liked the couch or not and I told her we didn't have to get it if she didn't want to. Well after much deliberation and discussion she told the guy we were going to shop around but to hold the couch for us we would take it. I am still not sure if she likes it completely or not. She told the guy when we were paying that in her opinion we have better couches at the house already (I told her again if she didn't like it we didn't have to get it) I think a huge part of why she likes the one we already have/had was because it had a sofabed in it. But I personally can't even remember the last time it was used.... so it's not like we necessarily need a sofabed! It's also got 2 seats that recline.... although the buttons to recline either one don't work and so they sorta don't recline unless you want to physically pull them out to recline, or if you manage to put enough pressure in the crease of the chair fold to pop the recliner. (done frequently by standing in the chair to do something else and you suddenly fall because it reclines)
Anyway we got the new couches. I know a huge part of why my mom got it to replace the one we have was for me. She knows with my upcoming surgery I needed a more comfortable place to sit and to be able to recover! I didn't really want an ottoman to use because I needed to be able to fully support and elevate my leg. I was also worried about my nephews either hitting my leg or moving the ottoman. So like I said, my mom is amazing, she was willing to let me get a chaise and have to make room for it and then instead she got rid of couches she liked for other used ones so that I can be comfortable!! I know she would prefer new furniture all together but since we can't afford that this is what we got. I feel so loved because she was willing to make a major change such as the couches on my behalf! I just hope she doesn't regret that decision! The new couch thing is firm, but really comfy! It's nice and it really does open up the room more! Well it's late so I should be in bed! I just wanted to share how amazing and loving and sweet my mom is! I am so blessed to have her in my life!


  1. Wow. You have an amazing mother. That's wonderful. I'm glad you were able to find something that will work!